Music Memory Tests

Music memory tests will begin at the beginning of Pre-Band Rehearsals. Memory tests will be conducted at both morning and evening rehearsals. Testing will begin with the Full Band Warm Ups. Every student will play this for a director. Once completed, then testing will begin on the next song. The order of songs for memory test is:

Full Band Warm Ups
Fight Song
Star Spangled Banner
Alma Mater
Chinese National Anthem

Memory Test for show music will begin about the time that school begins. The exact starting date will be contingent on when the first round of memory tests are completed. Detailed information will be added at that time.

Music Memory Test for Part 1 (Time in a Bottle & Machine) - Testing Date TBD

Music Memory Test for Part 2 (A Really Good Cloak) - Testing Date TBD

Music Memory Test for Part 3 (Kingfishers Catch Fire) - Testing Date TBD