NCDA Honor Band

CONGRATULATIONS to all students who auditioned for the NCDA Honor Band and to those selected to the band!  


For those selected to the NCDA Honor Band, click HERE for the trip itinerary and additional details.


       2017-2018 Results

Erin Wilson

Flute 4th Chair

Manasvi Ganti

Flute 5th Chair

Lily Niu

Flute 10th Chair

Kate Swenson

Flute 1st Alternate

Akshay Koushik

Oboe 1st Chair

Arturo Puigbo

Oboe 2nd Chair

Tyanna Johnson

Clarinet 3rd Alternate

Kaden Hawes

Bass Clarinet 2nd Chair

Cristina Villasmil

Alto Sax 1st Alternate

Michael Deutscher

Horn 2nd Chair

Cody Champion

Horn 6th Chair

Anna Quintanar

Horn 3rd Alternate

Matthew Beyer

Trombone 4th Chair

Joshua Beiler

Percussion 2nd Chair

Thomas Deutscher

Percussion 4th Chair

Erin Whalen

Percussion 5th Chair

Olivia Morrison

Percussion 1st Alternate




Saturday, November 4th, 2017

Owasso High School - 12901 E. 86th Street North


Attire: School appropriate clothing.  You do not need to dress up.


Auditions for 7th grade will begin in the morning at 9am.  If your instrument is scheduled to begin at 9am, you need to arrive by 8:30 (see schedule below).  If your instrument begins at a later time, make sure you arrive early (at least one hour before scheduled time) in case the room is running ahead of schedule.  If you miss your performance time, you WILL NOT be allowed to audition!

Flutes 9 9:00 AM
Oboes 1 *11:30 AM
Bassoon 5 *11:30 AM
Bb Clarinet 1 9:00 AM
Bass Clarinet 7 9:00 AM
Alto Sax 122 9:00 AM
Trumpet 118 9:00 AM
French Horn 117 9:00 AM
Trombone 112 9:00 AM
Euphonium 117 *11:30 AM
Tuba 118 *11:15 AM
Percussion Choir Room

9:00 AM



Students will be assigned an audition time/order when they arrive.  Students will then need to sign in at their audition room and mark the cuts of music and scales that will be performed during the audition.

Once you have played your audition you are free to leave if you have other obligations or you can wait for results.  Results will be posted once all students auditioning on a particular instrument have played and scores have been tallied.  Result posting usually happens between 12-2pm.

Have a great audition!



2017 Audition Sign Up

The NCDA Honor Band Audition is highly recommended for all 7th grade band students.  The audition is Saturday Nov. 4th at Owasso HS (No transportation provided)

Basic information and audition material can be found at 

If you are interested in auditioning your sign-up & entry fee for the NCDA Honor Band Audition is due by Friday, September 29th  The entry fee is $10.  You can pay cash (exact change in an envelope with your name) or check (made out to Jenks Band #986 with student's name on memo line).  We encourage all students to audition as this is a valuable experience and worth the effort.