Winter Concert

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Tuesday, December 10th

Jenks Performing Arts Center

7:00 pm

Attire: Contest Uniform

  • Black, long-sleeved, collared dress shirt 
  • Solid Black dress slacks (no jeans)
  • Solid Black long dress socks (guys)
  • Solid Black dress shoes (no tennis shoes). Girls-- heels may be worn, but it is not required.

6:00 PM The HS band room is unlocked.  The HS band room is in the building with the treble clef, just north of the acquatic center.  Students will enter the single grey door on the south side of the building.

6:15 PM Warm-Up in the large HS band room. Do not be late.

6:50 PM Transit to the PAC auditorium.  Listen to both 7th grade bands play.  No electronics should be out at this time.  Be a good, attentive audience.

7:45ish 8th grade performance

8:15 Approximate end of concert.

All percussionists, tubas, and baritones are expected to help load equipment on the Box Truck at the end of the concert.

This performance is required.