Solo and Ensemble

Solo and Ensemble February 16, 2019 (optional participation)

Held at Jenks Middle School

Entry Fees will be due Friday, January 18th
Solo = $10 (Most accompanists will also charge a fee for their services. Usually $25-$50)
Duet = $9 per person
Trio = $6 per person


Payments may be made by: 
Cash = exact change, in an envelope with student's name
Check = made out to Jenks Band #986 with student's name on memo line


Students are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to participate in this optional event.

Students will prepare music outside of class to perform for a judge. You may perform a Solo, Duet, or Trio. (If you perform a solo you may also participate in a duet/trio)

Soloists need to be taking private lessons in order to participate. Your private teacher will select your music and you will need to find a piano accompanist to perform with you. (Needs to be an adult; no student accompanists) 

Duets and Trios need to be performed with like instruments; Flutes with Flutes, Trumpets with Trumpets, etc. Mr. Sherin will select your music unless you have a private instructor that is picking music for you.

Accompanist Suggestions:

Jennifer Haugen (JMS Science teacher)

Jennifer Griggs (JMS Counselor)


Please click the following link to find your time and room assignment:

 Solo and Ensemble Schedule 

Attire- "Sunday Best", you need to look nice. (No Jeans,T-shirts, or Tennis shoes)

Arrive approximately 30 minutes before your performance time so that you can get a good warm up and be at your room ready to play at your scheduled time. (posted a week or so before contest)

When it is time for your performance, pick up the "Original Music" for your solo/ensemble from the box in the hallway next to your performance room (If your music was selected by Mr. Sherin).  This original needs to be given to the judge when you perform.  You will NOT be allowed to perform without it).  After you have played, wait in the hall for the original to be returned to you from the monitor.  Return the original to the box.  
If your private instructor selected your music, make sure and bring it to the contest with the mesures numbered.  You will be responsible for providing the original for the judge and returning it to your private instructor.

Results will be posted in the cafeteria approximately 30min -1hr after your performance.  You do not have to stay and wait for results.  They will be posted in class on Monday.

The Warm-Up area will be in the cafeteria.  Make sure your instrument and music go home with you Friday as you will not have access to the band room on Saturday (it is being used as a performance room for the contest).