Solo & Ensemble Contest

The OSSAA Solo and Ensemble competition is Saturday, February 17th at Jenks Middle School.  Contest fees are due on Wednesday, January 17th:

  • Solos are $10 each
  • Duets are $9 for each participant ($18 total)
  • Trios are $6 for each participant
  • Quartets and larger are $5 for each participant

Make Checks out to Jenks Band.

You must be eligible to participate in this competition. 

You must pay by January 17th to be entered!! 

Soloists:  Most likely, your solo will require an accompanist.  I will need to know your accompanist by January 17th

  • Jennifer Griggs (school psychologist) is an excellent accompanist and can be reached at

  • Jennifer Haugen (MS science teacher) is also excellent, however  I believe that she is currently filled.

  • Nancy Massey (a retired vocal instructor from Jenks) is also fantastic.  Her phone number is 918-277-9550. 


The following is information from last year:

Students should wear nice clothing, as they will be performing for a judge.  ("Nice clothing" means dress or nice blouse/slacks for girls, slacks and nice shirt for boys.  No athletic shoes, tshirts, or jeans!)

A schedule for the day will be provided in early February.  Please note that all times are approximate.  If the room is running early, then students will need to perform a little early.  If the room runs long, then students will need to be ready.  For this reason, I would suggest that students arrive approximately 30-45 minutes prior to their posted time.  They should warm-up in the cafeteria and then proceed to their room.  It is important that the warm-up is utilized correctly:  warm-up NORMALLY.  Do not overplay and wear out your embouchure before you perform.  Represent yourself and your school well.

Students will need to provide the judge with the original music-- all measures should be numbered.  If Ms. Arnold gave you the music, then you can find it in a box within your hallway marked "Jenks MS Originals".  Take that to the judge, play, wait outside until the judge finishes making comments, then return that music to the box.

This will be a great day!  I'm looking forward to watching you get rewarded for all of your hard work!