Solo & Ensemble Contest

Saturday February 16, 2019

The OSSAA District Solo and Ensemble competition is Saturday, February 16th at Jenks HIGH SCHOOL (NOT the Middle School).  The warm-up area will be located in a gym at the Trojan Activity Center, and the performance areas are within the music building.  Click here for information that we received from OSSAA (including maps of JHS central campus).  Because the warm-up area is so far from the performance rooms,  I would suggest that students arrive 30-45 minutes earlier than their playing time so that they can find their room, make their way to the warm-up room, and go back to play without rushing.

 Students should wear nice clothing as they will be performing for a judge.  ("Nice clothing" means dress or nice blouse/slacks for girls, slacks and nice shirt for boys.  No athletic shoes, tshirts, or jeans!)

Here is the basic schedule for the day: 

Room Time Name Ensemble Members
M106 9:45 AM Akshay Koushik  
M107 10:20 AM Michael Deutscher  
M107 10:25 AM Jake Thomas  
M107 10:30 AM Hayden Bertotti  
M107 10:35 AM Ethan Rackliff  
M107 10:40 AM Anna Quintanar  
M107 10:45 AM Matthew Beyer  
M107 10:50 AM Jenks 8th Trumpet/Trumpet/Trombone Trio Ethan Rackliff, Hayden Bertotti, and Matthew Beyer
M107 10:55 AM Jenks 8th Trumpet/ Trombone Duet Aiden Kennicutt and Walter Lawson
M107 11:00 AM Jenks 8th Trumpet Duet Lilian Mellor and Meredith Tyler
M107 11:05 AM Jenks 8th Miscellaneous Trio Hannah Regier, Cora McVay, Anna Quintanar
M111 1:15 PM Ethan Jordison  
M111 1:20 PM Parker Storms  
M111 1:25 PM Thomas Deutscher  
M102 2:25 PM Erin Wilson  
M102 2:30 PM Hailey Dammann  
M102 2:35 PM Lily Niu  
M102 2:40 PM Manu Ganti  
M106 2:40 PM Jenks 8th Sax Duet Dillon Ceass and Viktor White
M102 2:45 PM Paige Messick  
M106 2:45 PM Jenks 8th Hollingsworth/Harris Duet Abbie Hollingsworth and Ashlyn Harris
M106 2:50 PM Jenks 8th Flute/Clarinet/Clarinet Trio Hailey Dammann, Mikala Gardner, Matty Mooney
M102 2:55 PM Avery Looney  
M106 2:55 PM Jenks 8th Clarinet/Bassoon Duet Paige Messick, Hannah Regier
M106 3:00 PM Jenks 8th Dammann/Arlan Duet Hailey Dammann and Emily Arlan
M102 3:05 PM Hailey Gibson  
M106 3:05 PM Jenks 8th Flute/Flute/Clarinet Trio Erin Wilson, Lily Niu, Tyanna Johnson
M102 3:10 PM Hannah Regier  
M106 3:10 PM Jenks 8th Oboe Duet Akshay Koushik and Arturo Puigbo
M106 3:15 PM Jenks 8th Flute Duet Lily Niu, Manu Ganti
M106 3:20 PM Jenks 8th Flute Trio Hailey Dammann, Hailey Gibson, Casey Fritz
M106 3:25 PM Jenks 8th Arlan/Looney Duet Emily Arlan, Avery Looney


  Please note that all times are approximate.  If the room is running early, then students will need to perform a little early.  If the room runs long, then students will need to be ready. Again, I would suggest that students arrive approximately 30-45 minutes prior to their posted time.  They should warm-up in the gym and then proceed to their room.  It is important that the warm-up is utilized correctly:  warm-up NORMALLY.  Do not overplay and wear out your embouchure before you perform.  Represent yourself and your school well.

Students will need to provide the judge with the original music-- all measures should be numbered.  If Ms. Arnold gave you the music, then you can find it in a box within your hallway marked "Jenks MS Originals".  Take that to the judge, play, wait outside until the judge finishes making comments, then return that music to the box.

This will be a great day!  I'm looking forward to watching you get rewarded for all of your hard work!