2017 Marching Band (Main Page)

General Information

We are all excited about the upcoming year and events for the Trojan Pride. Read below so that you can stay up to date with information, rehearsals, payments, and deadlines. 

General Dates for the summer and fall are available on the Website Calendar. Specific times and locations will be added to the High School drop down menu in late June and early July.

Marching Band Rehearsal Schedule

Below is the information for this year’s marching band rehearsal schedule based upon the new high school schedule. In short, there have been so many moving parts to this puzzle and it has been a great challenge trying to get them all in place. The band staff thanks you for your patience while this has been worked out. With school beginning later in the morning, the majority of rehearsals will take place in the morning with fewer rehearsals happening after school than in the past.

One of the challenges with a later start time was the availability of the football stadium for athletics and the band program. As a result, the track & field stadium is being resurfaced with turf so that both groups will be able to have practices/rehearsals on a consistent basis.

For the band, this means that the Track is available every morning at the indicated times below. The stadium is not available on Monday but is the remainder of the week. With the potential to have rehearsals at two different facilities at the same time for selected days, it will be necessary to stay connected. The most effective way to communicate to students and parents will be determined and implemented before school begins.

Monday – 7:45-9:45 (brass, woodwinds, battery, and guard at the track. Front ensemble in band room). 4:30-7:30pm Guard sectionals at the track.

Tuesday – 7:00-8:30 Block Days 2,4,6 – early morning rehearsal before school begins. (Main rehearsal at stadium. A group or groups may also rehearse at the track).

Wednesday – 7:45-10:25 Block Days 1,3,5 – Sectionals for the 1st hour (7:45-8:45). Full rehearsal for the remainder of 1st hour (8:45-10:25). (Sectionals will most likely be split locations. Main rehearsal at stadium. A group or groups may also rehearse at the track).

Thursday – 7:45-9:45 (Main rehearsal at stadium. A group or groups may also rehearse at the track). Rifle Sectional 4:30-5:30 – location TBD each week. Evening Rehearsal 5:30-7:30 PM at stadium.

Friday – 7:45-9:45 (Main rehearsal at stadium. A group or groups may also rehearse at the track).

The website calendar has been updated to reflect the changes in the rehearsal schedule for the fall semester. Updates for the spring calendar will take place in late August/early September.

Concert Season Rehearsal and Winter Guard Rehearsal Schedules have not been posted yet. It will be added to the website well before concert season begins so families can make necessary plans.

Uniform Fittings

Uniform Fitting for incoming Juniors and Seniors took place on Saturday, May 20th. Uniform Fitting for Sophomores will be on Saturday, July 22nd. Uniform Fitting for Freshman will be on Saturday, July 29th. Click HERE to see the Uniform Fitting Schedules.

Marching Contest Show

The theme for the 2017 Marching Show is "A Moment In Time". Music includes: Jim Croce's Time In A BottleFifth Symphony, 4th Movement - Machine by William Bolcolm, Kingfishers Catch Fire by John Mackey, and A Really Good Cloak from the Movie Soundtrack Crash by Mark Isham. The first draft of the music will be made available to students in late May, before school is out.

Show Shirt Coming Soon!

Student Leadership Team

The student leadership team this year includes:

Drum Majors - Katherine Au, John Kerr, Adam Shoemake, and Garrett Smith

Sections Leaders - Flute - Emily Alonso, Clarinet - Hailey Nelson, Bass Clarinet - Daniel Shahwan, Saxes - Matthew Smith, Trumpet - Sean Melton, Mellophone - Ryan Vaughan, Trombone - Matthew Sims, Baritone/Euphonium - Taylor Burnett, Sousaphone - Jarod Moore, Battery - Robert Hare, Front Ensemble - Lindsay McLaury, and Color Guard - Aarushi Singh.

Student Leaders - Flute - Lyndie Mott, Riya Kaul, Emily Shoemake, Sarah Parenti, Clarinet - Becca Mackey, Jack Bezdek, Taylor Jones, Saxes - Andrew Kliewer, Trumpet - Hayden Hilst, Jarod Lorenz, Anahuac Contreras, Trombone - Ramsie Watson, Battery - Brenna Fleming, Front Ensemble - Dawson White, Color Guard - Elissa Wallace, Kady Wood, Lauren Love, Isaac Moore, and Anna Claire White.

Pre-Band Rehearsal Schedule

Pre-Band begins the last week of July on the 24th and continues until the beginning of school. Rehearsals are 8am-12pm and 5pm-9pm, Monday through Friday for the first two weeks, and then 5-9pm begining August 9th. A packet containing all detailed information will be given to students at registration. Complete information is available on the website HERE

Music Memory Tests

Music memory tests over full band warm-ups, the fight song, the star spangled banner, the alma mater, the chinese national anthem, as well as contest music. Memory tests for the warm-ups, fight song, banner, alma mater, and the chinese national anthem will begin during pre-band rehearsals in late July. Specific days and times are available HERE. Students need to make sure and have this material learned and memorized correctly for the first day of rehearsal. Music memory tests will continue throughout the semester on the show music used for contests and the parade music used near the holiday season.

Stand Tunes

Stand tunes have been selected. This year's set includes InsectsPretty FlyJungle BoogieThe RaceGood Golly Miss MollyTalk To Me Dance With Me, and You Dropped A Bomb On Me. Also included in the flip folder are the standards - the Fight Song, National Anthem, Alma Mater, Hey Baby!, all the Go Big J Stuff, and the Chinese National Anthem.

Post Marching Season

Once State Championships are finished, the Trojan Pride will be transitioning into concert, honor band, and solo & ensemble seasons.

Concert Band Auditions will take place in mid-October or the same week of NCDA Auditions. Auditions will be done via recording individual auditions both during school and after school. An audition schedule will be added in late September. We divide into three concert bands after results are posted and begin preparing for the Kiwanis Christmas Parade and Holiday Concerts.

Spring Trips

This year is a spring trip year for the concert bands. The traditional date for spring trips is usually the last weekend in April (included on website calendar). The general cost for the spring trip is usually around $550.00 - depending on the venue. Opt In/Opt Out Forms are usually distributed in early December with payments beginning in January and running through April. Sometimes a band is invited to a contest that falls on a different date. If this takes place, information will updated and sent out. Cost and payment schedule are contingent on the date of the trip.