Concert Bands Main Page

Due to the changes with Graduation and Gradfest, band students will not be allowed to be in the music building at all on Tuesday or Wednesday. For both of those days, students are to report to the building 6 auditorium at 9:15. Roll will be taken. No instruments. We will have our final rehearsal in the band room on Thursday at 9:15.


Concert Rehearsal Schedule

Students are to be seated in chairs and individually warming up @ 8:25. Roll will be taken at this time. Full group rehearsals will begin at 8:30 on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays and go to the end of 1st hour. On Tuesdays, students are to be seated @ 7:40 with rehearsal beginnng at 7:45. Sectionals are defined by each group & director for the year. 


Concert Band Performance Dates

Holiday Concert - Thursday, December 13th
OMEA - Wind Symphony Honor Group - Friday, January 18th, Tulsa PAC
TCC Pre-State Music Festival - Thursday, March 28th or Friday, March 29th
HS Preview Concert - Tuesday, April 2nd
Percussion Recital - Friday, April 5th
State 6A Concert Band Contest - Friday, April 12th
State 6A-E and 6A-EE Concert Band Contests - Tuesday, April 9th
Spring Concert - Thursday, May 16th