Wind Symphony

Scott Hillock, Director


Welcome to Wind Symphony! 


Music in Folder to be used for the Holiday Concert and MFA National Concert Band Festival.
From Tropic to Tropic by Thomas V. Fraschillo
O Cool Is The Valley by Vincent Persichetti
A Hymn for the Lost and the Living by Eric Ewazen
La Procession Du Rocio by Joaquin Turina Orchestral Version
Firefly by Ryan George
Schottishe by Robert Russell Bennett

Possible Musical Selections to be used for the Spring Concert.
Red Line Tango by John Mackey
Tico Tico by Zequinha Abreu/Arr. by Naohiro Iwai
Hold This Boy and Listen by Carter Pann
The Three Embraces by Carter Pann
Equus by Eric Whitacre
National Emblem March by E.E. Bagley
March: The Lion's Gate by Ralph Ford
Barnum and Bailey's Favorite by Karl King

Playing Test Schedule
A schedule of playing tests for the Wind Symphony will be set up in the early spring semester. Testing will be over selected measures of contest material and/or various etudes, scales, and exercises. Testing will take place during 1st hour.

All Playing Tests have been scheduled. Click HERE to download the excel spreadsheet listing selected measure for this test. Click on the tabs at the bottom of the sheet to see selected music and materials for the various tests.

Playing Test #1 - La Procession du Rocio. Testing begins Monday, January 22nd.
Playing Test #2 - From Tropic to Tropic. Testing begins on Monday, January 29th.
Playing Test #3 - A Hymn for the Lost and the Living. Testing begins on Monday, February 5th.
Playing Test #4 - Firefly. Testing begins on Wednesday, February 21st. 

Holiday Concert - Thursday, December 14th, Jenks PAC
MFA National Concert Band Festival - March 14-18, Indianapolis
HS Preview Concert - Tuesday, April 3rd, Jenks PAC
State Concert Band Contest - Friday, April 13th, Jenks PAC
Spring Concert - Thursday, May 17th, Jenks PAC

The following items are required for class daily:
Foundations for Superior Performance
Concert Folder
Scales Sheets
Sheet Music