Teacher Performance

Friday, August 30th

The teacher performance is at the ORU Mabee Center - 7777 S. Lewis Ave, Tulsa 74171.

Teacher Performance Rehearsal - Thursday, August 29th

Practice for this performance will be Thursday, August 30th 6:00-7:30, at the Mabee Center. Transportation is not provided to the rehearsal site, but parents are welcome to stay and watch the practice if they want/need to. A box truck will be at the band room from 4:30-5:15 for sousaphones, battery, and drum major ladders. The truck will leave at 5:15 and head to the Mabee Center so students will have enough time to unload before rehearsal. Everyone else should bring their instrument with them. Students should enter at the West Side loading dock which will take them to the floor of the area. From there, students will be directed to the bleachers for initial instructions. 

Teacher Performance - Friday, August 30th

Transportation is provided for this event. Donuts will be provided to students - compliments of Jenks Administration in appreciation for the students time. An additional breakfast snack will also be provided for the students after the performance and before morning rehearsal.

6:00 AM    Band Room Unlocked.

6:15 AM    Uniform Checkout for brass, wwds, battery, and cymbals. Students should be in full and proper uniform. Gauntlets, hats, and plumes will be used for this performance. 

7:00 AM    Warm-Up in Band room

7:15 AM    Guard Report Time

7:30 AM    Load Buses. Guantlets on. Instruments and hats in hand (no cases). 

7:45 AM    Depart for ORU Mabee Center

8:00 AM    Arrive. Unload. Plumes passed out. Begin staging for teacher performance. 

8:30 AM    Performance – includes JB, Fight Song, the pledge of allegiance led by a drum major, the National Anthem, and the Alma Mater.

9:00 AM    Load Equipment & Buses. Return to band room. Check in uniforms. Head to field for morning rehearsal.

9:15 AM    Depart for Band Room. 

9:30 AM   Arrive at band room. Unload equipment. Uniform Check In. Breakfast snack from band parents and donuts from Jenks Public Schools given to students. Front ensemble members should be at band room at this time in order to be ready for morning rehearsal. 

10:30 AM - 12:00 PM    Morning rehearsal at the stadium.

No football game that night. Have a good rest of the day. Have a great weekend. No school on Monday - see you Tuesday morning.