Teacher Performance

Friday, September 1st

7:00 AM    Uniform Checkout for brass, wwds, battery, and cymbals - students should be in full and proper uniform. This will include gauntlets, hats, and plumes.

7:15 AM    Guard Report to band room - see guard page for all details.

7:30 AM    Warm-Up in Band room

7:50 AM    Transit outside PAC for proper staging.

8:05 AM    Performance – includes JB, Fight Song, the pledge of allegiance led by drum majors, the National Anthem, and the Alma Mater. All these will be performed by memory. Front Ensemble setting up at football field for morning rehearsal.

8:10 AM    Return to band room. Check in uniforms. Head to field for morning rehearsal. Non-Cymbal Pit members do not need to be at the teacher performance, but should be ready to be at morning rehearsal on time.

8:45 - 11:00 AM    Morning rehearsal at the stadium.