Instrument Maintenance Fees / Summer Repairs

Summer 2018

If you use a school owned instrument from the Jenks Band (Tuba, Baritone, French Horn, Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, Oboe) and would like to have an instrument for the summer, you will need to fill out an information card during band class and submit a $25 fee this week to secure your instrument for the summer.  

ALL instruments will be returned on the last day of class and taken to the music store for summer cleaning/repairs/etc.  Students who request a summer instrument will be contacted by the music store to pick up the instrument once it has been cleaned/repaired.

Any questions or concerns should be emailed to Mr. Hillock, who is in charge of these instruments.


If you have a "home instrument" provided by the Jenks Band, please bring that instrument back to the Middle School band room before the end of school for summer repairs and cleaning.