High School Band Information

Updated Information (5/15/18)

We are all excited about the upcoming year and events for the Trojan Pride. The 2018 Marching season is right before us and it is time to get organized and ready. Read all items below so that you can stay up to date with information, rehearsals, costs & payments, and deadlines. This page will remain available until the last day of school. After that, students should refer to the high drop tab and down menus for all information regarding high school band. 


Registration is in two parts. Physical registration (making all payments, getting fitted for various uniform parts & items, etc.) will take place on Saturday, May 19th. Online registration (in preparation for physical registration, filling out contact information, volunteering for various needs in the organization) will be open to students and parents approximately two to three weeks before physical registration. 

Online registration is now open and will remain that way through Thursday, May 17th. All students planning to be in high school band next year are required to register. Students must have all fees and payments for the 2017-2018 year paid in full before registering for next year. In order to know how much next year's fees will be, students/parents are encouraged to register as soon as possible. All registration fees are due on Saturday, May 19th and may be paid with cash, check, or money order. Fees may be paid online as well, but need be done so by Thursday, May 17th. Full payment is required. Students will not be allowed to attend summer practices, pre-band rehearsals, and run the risk of not being in band if registration fees are not paid in full. A few notes before you get started:

When you connect for the first time, you will be prompted for "Student Password".  This is a password you create, with a minimum of 6 characters.  If you need to make any changes later, there is a "Sign In" link at the top right where you can come back and make changes.  Online registration will be closed after the physical registration on the 19th. 

REMEMBER:  Physical registration is required on the 19th is for ALL students, 9-12, for both band and guard.

FYI:  You will not enter a size for the new Show Top and Show Pants.  You will be fitted for these at your designated uniform fitting date and time.

2018-2019 High School Band Registration Link

Physical registration will take place on Saturday, May 19th. Students are required to come at their scheduled time. This will include making all payments, fittings for various uniform parts - shoes, shorts, gloves, etc., individual photos for directory, information tables, and volunteer information. All students will come to the band room on this day at the scheduled time.

Physical Registration & Uniform Fitting Schedule


In addition to the information provided in the High School Band Informational Packet - a certain number of trombones and marching baritones are used for marching season. In order to have correct instrumentation, many trombone players are placed on marching baritone. This switch is only for marching season and takes place at the end of the spring semester or the very beginning of the summer. Instruments are checked out to students before the summer so they may begin learning the fingerings for the instrument. 

Uniform Fittings

Uniform Fitting for Freshman will be on Saturday, July 28th. Uniform Fitting for Sophomores will be on Saturday, July 21st. Uniform Fitting for incoming Juniors and Seniors will take place on the same day as Physical Registration - Saturday, May 19th. 

Summer Repair

All school owned concert instruments will be sent to the music store for regular maintenance and repair the first week of June. Students that requested a concert instrument will be contacted by Palen Music when their instrument is ready. Anticipated time of completion is mid-June. It is strongly recommended that students not using school owned instruments send their own instruments to the shop for regular maintenance and repair in early June. 

Marching Contest Show

The music and theme of the show has not been revealed yet. The first draft of the music is usually made available to students in late April/early May. Theme and additional details will be added after proper copyrights and required permissions have been approved. Visual concepts are still in the design process, but the show will utilize props for next year's show. Good help is always needed in producing the props. If you are interested in helping with this, contact Mr. Hillock, or Mike Clark.

Bands Of America Marching Championships

The Trojan Pride has a rich history of competing in BOA Marching Events. The Trojan Pride has been a consistent Regional and Super-Regional finalist since 2002, as well as a Grand National Semi-Finalist. This year the band will return to Grand Nationals in Indianapolis as well as the Super-Regional Marching Contest in St. Louis.

Opt In/Opt Out Forms

The cost for both trips is estimated to be $1,100.00*. Students were given opt in/opt out forms in class on Wednesday, May 16th. Please read thoroughly and carefully to have a complete understanding of expectations and commitments. Payments begin in June and continue through September. *Final trip cost will be calculated following the trip and trip balance will be adjusted to reflect any difference between payments and actual amounts. All information, payment deadlines, and criteria are included on the form. 

2018 Fall Trips Opt In/Opt Out Form

Payment Schedule

Students and families should save and financially plan to insure their participation in this important event. Each payment listed in the Opt In contract will be required to be in full and on time in order for students to participate in summer rehearsals, pre-band, and school rehearsals. Students and parents should be thoroughly familiar with the Trip Fund and High School Band Handbook Policies.

Payment Due Date Amount Trip Balance














Payments may be made Online (under categories, choose trip payments) or mailed check to:

Jenks Band Parents
P.O. Box 425
Jenks, OK 74037-0425

Chaperone Information

Parents wishing to serve as chaperones for overnight trips will be required to go through the application process with the Jenks Band Parents Organization. Information, applications, and deadlines will be available at the end of the school year/beginning of the summer.

Summer & Pre-Band Rehearsal Schedule

Brass and Woodwinds will meet once a week on designated weeks throughout the summer to keep students progressing on music, marching fundamentals, physical fitness, and body/dance work.

Battery and Front Ensemble will meet once a week on designated weeks throughout the summer. Camps for both groups are usually the week before pre-band.  

Color guard practices are two or three days a week throughout the summer. See Color Guard pages for detailed information. 

Pre-Band begins the last week of July on the 23rd and continues until the beginning of school. Rehearsals are 8am-12pm and 5pm-9pm, Monday through Friday for the first two weeks, and then 5-9pm begining August 6th. A packet containing all detailed information will be given to students at registration. That information will also be added to the website.

Music Memory Tests

Music memory tests will be over full band warm-ups, the fight song, the star spangled banner, the alma mater, the chinese national anthem, as well as contest music. Memory tests for the warm-ups, fight song, banner, alma mater, and the chinese national anthem will begin during pre-band rehearsals in late July. Specific days and times will be announced at the beginning of pre-band. Students need to make sure and have this material learned and memorized correctly for the first day of rehearsal. Music memory tests will continue throughout the semester on the show music used for contests and the parade music used near the holiday season.

Stand Tunes

Stand tunes have not been selected yet. Be sure that the Fight Song, National Anthem, Alma Mater, Hey Baby! and all the Go Big J Stuff along with most of the songs from last year will be included in the flip folder. There is bound to be a couple of new tunes along with a couple of older ones from the library archives so that the band can seriously rock it out at football games.

Post Marching Season

Once Grand Nationals are finished, the Trojan Pride will be transitioning into concert, honor band, and solo & ensemble seasons.

Concert Band Auditions will take place in mid-October or the same week of NCDA Auditions. Auditions will be done via recording individual auditions both during school and after school. An audition schedule will be added in late September. Rehearsals will begin at 8:30 instead of 7:45. We divide into three concert bands after results are posted and begin preparing for the Kiwanis Christmas Parade and Holiday Concerts.

Spring Trips

This 2018-2019 school year is not a spring trip year for the concert bands. Since there are two major trips in the fall, bands will not take a trip in the spring of 2019. Winter Guard will travel to Dayton for the WGI World Championship. Bands will take their next trip during concert season in the spring of 2020.

The traditional date for spring trips is usually the last weekend in April. The general cost for the spring trip is usually around $800.00 - depending on the venue. Opt In/Opt Out Forms are usually distributed in early December with payments beginning in January and running through April. Sometimes a band is invited to a contest that falls on a different date. If this takes place, information will updated and sent out. Cost and payment schedule are contingent on the date of the trip. 

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General Information

The annual high school band informational meeting for 8th grade/future high school band students was held on February 8th. This meeting, designed to provide the necessary information to students and parents about high school band, included basic operations, financial and time commitments, calendar dates and events, as well as potential scheduling conflicts. If you were not able to make the meeting. General information is still available below.

High School Band Informational Packet

Additional information regarding enrollment was shared by Miss Arnold. For advice and information regarding enrollment, email Miss Arnold

General Dates for the summer and fall are available on the Website Calendar. Specific times and locations will be added to the High School drop down menu as details come to light.

Commitment Forms

Forms indicating whether a student intends to be in HS band next year will be passed out in March. A solid commitment to HS band will be necessary in order to give proper numbers to the drill writer for marching band season. Students/families should not take this commitment lightly. Proper numbers are vital in order to have a quality show written for next year's marching season.