Drum Major

The band staff would like to commend all the students who applied for drum major. Just like the students leader applicant pool, the candidates for drum major were all outstanding, making it quite difficult to make final selections.  
The following students have been selected as Drum Majors for the 2020-2021 school year.
Holly Hilst
Regan Jones
Ezra Power
Erin Ranta
Congratulations to these students for this special accomplishment. 

The following students have passed to the conducting stage of the Drum Major audition process:

Holly Hilst, Regan Jones, Rhea Katari, Maddox Kuehnert, Micah Miles, Steven Nguyen, Ezra Power, Bristie Rahman, and Erin Ranta.

Students must submit a video conducting to Quail Hollow Overture. Videos must be submitted by Thursday, April 30th. An email has been sent on (Friday, April 24th) to each candidate confirming their acceptance to the conducting stage with specific instructions regarding how to make and submit their video. Please respond to that email as soon as possible to confirm receipt. 


Applications have been reviewed. The following students have passed to the interview stage of the Drum Major audition process:

Ethan Hartman, Holly Hilst, Regan Jones, Rhea Katari, Maddox Kuehnert, Micah Miles, Steven Nguyen, Ezra Power, Bristie Rahman, and Erin Ranta.

Interviews will be conducted with the band staff via video conferencing on Thursday, April 23rd. An email has been sent to each candidate confirming their acceptance to the interview stage and tentative interview time. Please respond as soon as possible to confirm. 


Applications are now being accepted for Trojan Pride Drum Major. Auditions are open to band members who are going to be a junior or senior for the 2020-2021 school year, has served as a student leader, or has demonstrated significant potential as a leader.


  1. Representative of the Trojan Pride.
  2. Accomplished Musician
  3. Conduct Musically (i.e. – tempo, style, dynamics, phrasing, emotion).
  4. Lead Peers in a Positive Manner. Involves areas such as trust, respect, and humility.
  5. Must apply and desire to serve as student leader if not selected as a drum major (expectations listed below in italics).
  6. Student leadership is a volunteer service position. By applying, students are indicating that they want to serve and help meet the needs of the band beyond marching and playing. A strong desire for the band to improve and succeed is essential. The core concept is that the experience of service benefits both the individual and the band.
  7. Student leaders are to lead by example – that is to model ideal behavior, performance, peer relations, and attitude throughout the season both in and out of rehearsal.
  8. Student leaders have no disiplinary authority beyond that of any other students.
  9. Student leaders can be relieved of their duties if they fail in these regards.



The application process has been slightly adjusted to adapt for the accomodations set in place for the 2020 spring semester. First, a service project is not required for the application. Second, with school ending sooner, the timeline is shorter than usual. Make sure to get an early start so that the application can be submitted on time. 

  1. Submission of application. Applications are due by Monday, April 20th. Incomplete applications will not be accepted or considered. Application includes:
  • Resume that highlights leadership roles and experiences.
  • A one-page essay listing greatest personal strengths and areas in which the organization could improve (and how you would improve them).
  • A written record (questions and answers) of two formal interviews with reputable band alumni, school faculty, a reputable adult in leadership position, or school administrator. Interviews should include their views on leadership, what you learned from the interview, and how their view is different than yours.

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  1. Formal interview with staff via video conference. Submission of application does not guarantee an interview. Staff will review all applications and select students for interviews. Interviews are tentatively scheduled to begin Thursday, April 23rd.
  2. Interactive online conducting audition. Score and recording are available for students at the bottom of this page. It is highly recommended that students begin working on the conducting portion of the audition now in order to be ready, in case a conducting audition is granted. Conducting auditions are tentatively set for Thursday, April 30th. Format for conducting auditon TBD. 
  3. Drum Majors will be announced by May 4th or 5th.


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Drum Major Application

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