Sonic Card Sales

 Summer Sales Student Fundraiser Cards!

Here are some great opportunities for students to earn $ for their trip accounts this summer.  These are NO HASSLE fundraisers that require NO INVENTORY and NO WAITING for the customer

All you have to do is sell cards and collect the money on the spot.  The customer uses the card to get a discount.  There is no delivery.   The only time you will need to see the customer again is when you are selling them more cards because the products are so fabulous!

Sonic Cards

You can get as many cards as you like to sell.  You can get more cards to sell if you run out.  However, you will be fully responsible for the cards that you check out.  You must return either the money you collect, or the unused cards.  Each card contains discounts and sells for $5.00 and 100% or $5.00 goes into your student’s trip fund.  Good at all Sonic locations.


For more information contact:  Michelle Bonnett  918-812-6180 or Meg Melton