Homecoming/8th Grade Night

Friday, October 12th

(Updated Thursday Oct. 11th)

Thursday and Friday, October 11th and 12th:  All eighth grade band students are required to attend the 8th grade marching band recharge.  This is our only opportunity to rehearse as a group.  

Friday, October 12th:

Attire: 8th Jenks Band T-shirt (passed out in class on Thursday), Jeans, and Tennis shoes.  The weather forcast for the Homecoming parade has been changing and changing.  Currently, it looks like there will be rain until 4 PM on Friday, and then the weather will be in the 50's.  It is my preference that students have their band t-shirt outside of their warm clothing (i.e. hoodies, long sleeve tshirts, etc).  However, I WILL ALLOW jackets in the parade (neutral-colored preferred) if it seems necessary.  Parents, you may also give students a jacket at the end of the parade route (just south of the Education Service Center).  Click here for a link to Jenks weather during the parade.

If students have not turned in $10 for a band t-shirt, they need to do that in order to receive the shirt.  Checks may be made to Jenks Band;  Cash must be in an envelope with student name.


  •  At the end of Friday's recharge:   All instruments except flutes and clarinets will load their instrument into the box truck. 
  • 4:00 All band students will report to the band room.  We will talk through the evening, and you may also have a little time to work on homework.  It is suggested that you bring an after-school NON-MESSY snack.  You will be allowed to eat it during this time.
  • 4:45-5:00 ish   Load buses at the front oval.  You will have your backpack on your lap.
  • 5:15-5:30 ish   Arrive at the intersection of Main St. and Cedar St. (just west of Sonic).  The box truck will be waiting for you there, and the instruments will be unloaded.  You will first put your backpack in the back of the box truck, and then you will get your instrument out of the case and load it in front of the backpacks.  Flutes and Clarinets:  It will be easiest if you can fit your case into your backpack and load it on the box truck early.  Bassoons:  You will get the banner out for the parade, and make sure that your instrument is loaded in the cab of the box truck. 
  • 5:30   Three things:  1)  Watch the Jenks HS Band march (they will be first in the parade).  2) Transit to staging area (around Cedar and B St.), line up and move to beginning of parade route.  Click here for your spot in the parade.  3) March in the Homecoming Parade!  The route runs west to east down Main St.  We will finish the parade on 2nd and "A" street by the Education Service Center.
  • 6:00 PM ish  Just south of the Education Service Center, students will be served a Chick-Fil-A sandwich compliments of the Jenks Band Boosters.  If this is not enough food for the evening, it is recommended that you eat beforehand as well (during the 4:00 after school time).  Also, please inform Miss Arnold immediately if you have dietary restrictions.  If your child takes dinnertime medication, parents may administer that at this time.  Please email Miss Arnold with any questions regarding that.
  •  6:30 PM ish  Students will follow Miss Arnold to the south side of the Freshman Academy to meet up with the HS Band.  You will meet your HS student leader, and they will guide you into the stands. 
  • 7:00 PM  Students are settled in the stands with the high school band to watch the visiting band performance.  We stand and are respectful to other bands when they perform.  Bassoons:  Around this time, the box truck will be parked behind the band stands.  You will need to put the banner in the back of the truck and get your instruments out of the cab of the truck.   You will put your empty cases back in the truck.
  • 7:30 PM Game begins.  Parents will have to pay an admission fee to enter the stadium to watch the game.  Band students do not need to pay.  During the game, students may not receive items from the concession stands.  Water will be provided throughout the game;  fruit will be provided during halftime. While the HS band is warming-up for their performance, the 8th grade will be responsible for playing the Fight Song if needed in the stands.  During halftime, students will watch the high school band perform from the front sideline.  

Have fun and enjoy the game!  When dancing in the stands, students need to protect their instruments.  NEVER set the instruments down on the bleachers during all the fun, as they will most likely get damaged.  Be very mindful of this! 

  • 10:15 PM  Approximate conclusion of the game. I will instruct 8th grade students to text their parents during this talk time so that they are aware of the timing.   Mr. Hillock will talk to students in the stands upon the conclusion of the game—generally the band is the last to leave the stadium.  The box truck will be near the band stands of the football stadium.  Students will put away their instruments in their cases, and they will take their backpacks out of the box truck.  Percussion, tubas, and baritones will re-load their instruments onto the box truck.  All other students will take their instruments with themWe will then walk to the “pick up area”.  Parents may pick up their children from the HS front oval in front of the Math & Science Center.  (The Math & Science Center is easy to spot as it has the planetarium on top.) For a map of the HS Central Campus with the Math and Science Center, click here.

Both the homecoming parade and 8th grade night are required events.  If you have a conflict, (ex.-Cheer, Pom, Football, Boyscouts who are also in the parade), you will need to speak with Miss Arnold.  We will be performing last in the parade.  Our hope is that you will have a chance to participate with all of your groups.  In the past, students rode their group float and walked back to the beginning of the parade to join our band or met us somewhere in between.  You will be allowed to wear your jersey/uniform in the parade if you are participating with another group, but you need your band t-shirt for 8th grade night.  MAKE SURE YOU COMMUNICATE WITH MISS ARNOLD IF YOU WILL BE PARTICIPATING WITH ANOTHER ORGANIZATION IN THE PARADE.