General Fundraising

Did you know… if a student/parent finds an individual or company that will sponsor the Jenks Trojan Pride Band, they will receive 20% of each sponsorship dollar back into the students’ trip account?  Sponsorship levels start at $25.  To see the sponsorship brocure go to the Parent Resources pull down menu and select Forms from that menu.


General Fundraising Info

General Fundraisers help the Jenks Band Parents Booster Club

fund general needs of the band such as:

  • Traveling Expenses
  • Music Rights
  • Instructor Costs
  • Maintaining Our Website
  • Student Trip Scholarships
  • Equipment Purchases
  • Props and Flags
  • Specialized Training for Students
  • …and more!



ButterBraid Fundraiser!
This is a great way to add money to your student's account, and just in time for registration!  

For every item sold $6.00 will be deposited into your student's trip account.  Forms and money are due back on 3/30.  

ButterBraid Order Form:




You can now record your volunteer hours with an "App"!

Click on this link to add to your phone!


Click on the link
Choose the emblem below on your phone that lets you copy, paste, send as a message, add to Home Screen, etc. (on the iphone, it’s the box with the arrow in it)
Choose Add to Home Screen, and it will automatically add the Jenks Public Schools Volunteer Hours app to your screen

In Chrome, click on the link
Choose Menu on your phone
Choose Add to Home Screen


Spirit Merchandise

Spirit Merchandise is available online and at parent/band meetings.  Band Boosters apparel is a great way to show your Trojan Pride.