Letter Points

The fourth posting (2/9/18) of letter points is now available HERE

Letter points currently include credit for summer camps, concert attendance, performances, NCDA/First Round OMEA Honor Band auditions, OMEA Final Round Auditions, BOA National Honor Band, the Salvation Army weekend, Percussion at Lifechurch for SuperBowl Weekend, and Basketball Band. 

Updated points include:

5 points were added to "Performances" for students who played their instrument at the Salvation Army weekend at Reasors,

10 points were added to "Performances" for students who played at the Life Church Super Bowl Party.

Basketball Band: 25 points were added to "Basketball Band" for students who attended all basketball games. 20 points were added to students who attended all but one or two games. No points were awarded to students who missed three or more games. 

Students are encouraged to turn in documentation for summer camps and concert attendance now, as opposed to the end of the school year. Points will not be awarded for Private Lessons and Performing Organizations until the end of the year.

Letter Points will be updated in early March after District Solo & Ensemble Contests. 

For more information regarding letter points, refer to the High School Student Handbook.