Buddy Baseball

Sunday, October 13th

If you are planning to participate in Buddy Baseball, please click here to sign-up.

A group from the Jenks 8th grade band has been asked to participate with the Jenks Buddy Baseball event on Sunday, October 13th.   Click here to learn a little more about Buddy Baseball.  The full Buddy Baseball event is from 2-4 pm, however our portion will only last about 15 minutes at the very beginning of the game.  Parents-- it is recommended that you stay for the event rather than dropping off your child and leaving.  It will be quick!

Students will dress in their Jenks Band t-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes.  You may wear a jacket or long sleeve shirt under your t-shirt if it is chilly.  Please meet at Hinch Field  at 1:45 pm with your instrument.  Hinch Field is located at 823 N. 3rd St in Jenks.    Please leave cases in the car.  We will play the "Fight Song" sometime towards the beginning of the event.  When we are finished performing, you are free to go.

Tubas-- I will bring your sousaphone from the high school. Percussion-- I will bring your marching percussion with me.  You will need sticks.