November 9, 2019

Click here to see the link of 8th grade students entered to audition for NCDA.

Click here to see the link of 7th grade students entered to audition for NCDA.  

Only those students entered to audition will be allowed to audition.

Location information:

NCDA auditions take place on Saturday November 9th at Owasso High School.  (Click here for a google map to the school.)  Because the band directors will all be serving as judges, we will not be able to supervise students.  Parents are responsible to take students to the audition.  There will NOT be a school bus provided.  

Here is the location information, provided by Owasso High School: "Auditions will take place at the East Campus (main building). Vehicles may park in the West or South parking lots, and enter through the South or Northwest doors. Percussion should unload at the PAC loading dock. The gym will again be the warm-up area, and the large band room will function as an additional percussion warm-up area. Concessions will be in the Ram Cafe. Results will be posted outside of the gym."

The following are a few links to help you navigate the day:

  • Click HERE for student audition times.  

  • Click HERE for a map of the interior of Owasso High School.

  • Click HERE for a view of Owasso High School with highlighted entrances.

What to wear:
Students may wear normal school clothes for this audition.  The judges are behind a screen, so they cannot see the students.

What to do:
Students should arrive 30 min-1 hour prior to their audition.  Playing order will be randomly selected by computer and POSTED IN THE WARM-UP AREA (Gym).  Students should go there FIRST. (Students should not ask the monitor what their number is--they must check in the warm-up area themselves.)  Then, students should go to the try-out room and sign-in next to their number.  Tryout material (etude excerpts and chosen scales) will be posted by each room at that time.  Scales do not have to be memorized.  Make sure that you arrive early so that you have time for an adequate warm-up, and so that you are allowed to play.  You are ONLY allowed to warm-up in the gym.   Students who miss their audition time will not be allowed to try-out late without prior consent.  NO DELAYING TACTICS!  If for some reason a student must play early or late, they ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT change numbers.

Results will be posted outside of the gym approximately one hour after all the students of the same instrument have completed auditioning.  If you don't want to wait for the results, Mrs. Cryer or Mr. Silverman will email the audition results through Canvas at the end of the night.

Best of luck, students.  We are rooting for you!!