8th Grade Night 2020

8th Grade students will join with the HS band to play in the stands at the Jenks High School football game.  We have limited room for students per game.  Students should sign up to participate on Friday, October 2rd or Friday, October 23rd.  Click HERE for the link to sign up.  Do not sign up for both nights.  This is a highly encouraged activity, but it is not required.

Students will wear their band tshirt, jeans, tennis shoes, and a mask for this event.  They will need their instrument in the case.  Brass and woodwinds-- be sure to have the bell cover as well.

Parents need to drop off students at the Jenks High School Music Building Choir Room at 6:15.  Please enter the east door of the Music Building (by the flagpole).  A map is located here.  

6:15 PM  8th grade band roll call in the Choir Room.  We will warm-up and go through the Fight Song and Go Big J.

6:40 PM  8th graders will join with high school band students and transfer to HS stadium.  

7:30 PM Game begins.  Parents, Jenks has only offered tickets to season ticket holders.  You are welcome to call the athletic office, but from my understanding, there are not single tickets sold at the stadium that night. 

Students will not be permitted to go to the concession stands during the game, nor should anyone bring them food.  The band will be served with small packaged snacks and water after the halftime performance.

10:15 PMish  Approximate conclusion of the game. Mrs. Cryer will ask students to text parents when the game is over.  We usually stay in the stands awhile while Mr. Hillock talks to the HS students.  All students will walk back to the music building together. 

10:40 PMish Students arrive at the music building, put away their instruments into cases, and are picked up by parents at the east door.