NCDA 2020-2021

NCDA audition will take place on January 29th and January 30th.  Click HERE for the NCDA audition schedule.  Please arrive 20-30 minutes prior to your audition.  (Percussion, you may arrive 45 minutes prior to your audition.)  Please do not arrive more than that as we are limiting the number of students in the building to remain socially distanced.

Due to COVID, students will audition at the HS music building.  Click HERE for a link to a map of the Central Campus.  The music building is #30 on the map.  You should park in the parking lot just south of the building.  (You will pass the Aquatic Center when going to the parking lot.)  The building is easy to spot, as it has a giant music staff engraved on the side with a lighted treble clef.

Parents, each audition will only take 8 minutes.  I would recommend that you stay, rather than dropping off kids and picking them up.  You may stay in your car, or you can come into the building with your child.  If you come into the building, you must wear a mask. 

Students (and parents) will enter the single gray door on the south side of the building.  That door leads directly into the main band room.  There are several steps that students should do once in that room: 

  • Students should check the white board WITH A PENCIL.    They will find which scales they will play for the audition as well as the etude cuts.  Students should mark the cuts on their own music.  MAKE SURE YOU ARE ACCURATE.
  • Students should get their instrument out of the case, do a quick warm-up, and play through the etudes.   Please stay socially distanced from other students in the band room.  You will leave your case in the main band room during your audition.
  • 1-2 minutes prior to their audition time, students should report to the correct audition room.  Room 107 is directly east of the main band room.  Room 110 is located northwest of the main band room.  There will be a band director in the main band room to help direct you.  DO NOT ENTER the audition room if another student is playing-- wait for them to complete their audition and exit the room before you enter.  Parents, you are allowed to stand outside of the audition room, but you may not enter the audition room with your child.

Students, once you enter the audition room, a band director will be available to assist you.  The band director will be recording your audition.  VERY IMPORTANT:  DO NOT TALK during the recording.  If you have a question, you may ask the band director in between recordings.  Each segment will be recorded.

  • First, you will play the two scales.  The director will let you know which one to play first.  (Percussion-- your audition does not include scales.)
  • Next you will play the cuts from the three etudes.  The director will let you know which order to play them in.
  • Finally, the band director will give you your sight reading sheet.  You will have 30 seconds to look at that music, and then you will play it.  Do your best.  (Mrs. Cryer's best tip: Do not try to play sightreading fast.  Slow and accurate is much better.)

After that, you are done!  You will need to put your instrument back in the case in the main band room, and then exit.  Please do not hang around-- again, we are trying to limit the number of people in the building.

The audition recordings will not be judged until February 6th.  Audition results will be posted on February 7th.