High School Band Information 2021

Enrollment for students going into 9th grade for the school year 2021-2022 is right around the corner. We have found that there are sometimes misconceptions and misinformation regarding high school band. Normally, an informational meeting is scheduled for 8th grade band students and their families to present and provide the necessary details regarding high school band. With current conditions, in person meetings are not being conducted outside of the classroom. This year, a presentation is being given to students in class by Mr. Scott Hillock (Head High School Director) via powerpoint. The presentation took place on Wednesday, February 3rd.

The presentation will also be available to parents so they can have access to the information as well. Information will be available in two different formats - a booklet and a loom video - through a link, allowing people to choose the preferred method of presentation. The booklet is a DropBox file that can be viewed or downloaded. The loom video has Mr. Hillock talking through many of the details that are listed in the presentation. 

High School Band Information Presentation:
Booklet Form
Loom Video

After going through the information, if you have questions regarding High School Band, feel free to ask Mrs. Cryer, Mr. Stevenson, or email Mr. Hillock. We will be glad to help.