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Fall 2018 

Show Me the Money!   


It was so nice to meet so many of you at registration.   The goal this year is to bring you a variety of opportunities to raise money for your students' trip fund both by working and by selling.  Feel free to take advantage of any and all of these opportunities.

I also want to thank all of you who signed up to volunteer to help with student fundraising.  It takes everyone doing his or her part to contribute to the excellence of the Jenks Trojan Pride and no amount of service is too small.  We are a family working together in order for our students to thrive and excel, so thank you!

Listed below are the current student fundraising opportunities.  This list will be updated as new opportunities arise.  My goal is to have a student fundraiser going at all times so your student will have the opportunity to raise funds to cover his or her trip if you participate in all of the fundraisers. Some of the fundraisers below will be general fund fundraisers, keep in mind that the more money generated into the general fund the bigger the decrease in expenses for all students across the band!  Dont' forget about our awesome corporate sponsorships! This will put 20% into your students trip account and is always a quick way to make money not only for your student but for the band!  I will add to this list as other opportunities become available.  All information is under the student fundraising tab under parent resources at  You can also find a link on the homepage.



Trip Fund Credit


Money Turned in By



Fireworks Stand


June 22 – July 5


James Wolff

Sign up here

Sonic Discount Cards  



Available now!!


Julie Patuto

Band Together      Sponsorship

   More information Here


Download Here

Begins June 12

Donate online here (be sure to put student name in "memo/note" field) 

Any time

Julie Patuto

Rise & Shine Fundraiser   Information here





Julie Patuto & Carrie Parenti
Pampered Chef Fundraiser 32% into general fund for total band sales >$600 TBD-
Late Oct-early Nov, great for Christmas gifts!!
TBD Tamara Miller

Fall Flowers


Order form HERE


TBD Sept-Oct

Sept 15

Jill Johnson

Holiday Pie Sales

Order form Here

Cover sheet Here

Info Sheet Here


Fall- TBD Oct


Deliver by Thanksgiving

Meg Melton

Football Concessions


Aug. – Nov.

Sign up will be on the website when available

Cathleen Henderson 


For more information contact: Julie Patuto VP Student Fundraising