Jenks Kiwanis Christmas Parade

Saturday, November 23rd


8:45 AM         Band Room Unlocked

9:00 AM         Uniform Check-Out

Bring your white shoes & long white socks. Gauntlets & plumes will be checked out at 9:25 as students begin to line up for warm up.

9:25 AM         Warm-Up
Warm-up, tune, run through parade tune, review cadence, etc.

9:35 AM        Line Up and Transit to Parade
Line up in the loading zone and then move towards the beginning of the parade route. Need to be at the beginning of the parade route by 9:45/9:50. Careful not to be loud around the horses as we transit. Don't want to spook them. 

10:00 AM         Parade Begins                

10:20 AM         Uniform Check-In
Return gauntlets & plumes to band parents as you are returning to the band room. 

11:00 AM         Band Room Locked
Have a good rest of the weekend. See you Monday.