This is the link to sign-up to work at one of the bake sales next week. Tuesday and Thursday we will be in the PAC lobby with baked goods for families and friends attending the middle school and high school band concerts. To participate, you must both bring baked items that are individually wrapped AND work the sale from start to finish. Make sure you sign-in when you get there. The proceeds will split between the participants each evening.
If you have questions, please email, call or text me. Jen Sims - or 405-642-5198.

Click here for 2020 Middle School Winter Guard Registration packet.

Click HERE to find us on Facebook (only for members & member’s parents/guardians) 

Rehearsal etiquette:

  • Bring water; everyone needs their own water, *Sharing water can spread sickness like wildfire & we cannot afford to have sick students
  • Wear all black dance attire
  • Come with your hair up & off your face
  • Bring all necessary equipment
  • Bring healthy snacks (fruit, crackers, peanut butter, etc)
  • Be sure to eat something before rehearsal
  • Come with your brain in, ready to learn!
  • Keep a positive attitude so we can make the most of our time!

If you have any questions, please contact:
Mrs. Jara Clark
Jenks Guard Director
(918) 724-7218


Guard liason:
Jen Sims