Honor Bands

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Audition material for OMEA, NCDA, and BOA is now available online. Students may request a copy of the music and scales if they do not have the materials. It is recommended that students start working on the music as soon as possible. An early start will relieve some of the pressure and workload that can be felt during marching season. Diligent and consistent practice are key to a successful audition.

Honor band audition material will also be the material used for concert band auditions. The general time and date for Concert band auditions has not been set yet.

Auditions for 1st Round OMEA & NCDA are Saturday, November 4th @ Owasso High School.


Click HERE for OMEA and HS NCDA audition material information. Make sure to take note of the changes with scales in the audition process.

Click HERE for NCDA Junior High audition material information. Students should download both the scales and Junior High Set 1 etudes.

Click HERE for BOA Honor Band of America audition information and packet. Students should read information thoroughly to be aware of deadlines, time commitments, and possible costs involved.