NCDA Honor Band

The NCDA Regional Honor Band has been cancelled for this year. While not going over all the details, the larger obstacles of finding a facility available where everyone could practice, properly distance, and meet the safety guidelines of all schools involved prevents the reality of holding the event. While not completely unexpected, we know that it is still disappointing.

We are thankful that we could at least audition and name students to this group. Students that auditioned and students that made the band are to be commended for their hard work, resiliency during this weird time, and their effort to improve and grow as a musician. That type of investment has great benefit, regardless of whether one makes the band or not.

It is the hope that the honor band scene will get to return to its regular routine next year, as honor bands are a great opportunity for many of our musicians. 

Patches will be distributed to students in the near future. 


Congratulations to these high school students for making the NCDA Regional Honor Band:


FLUTE - Sophie Hopkins-3rd chair, Alexis Johnson-8th chaird, Daniela Camacho-11th chair

OBOE - Rachel Oakes-2nd chair, Phoebe Storm-1st Alternate

Bb CLARINET - Emma Jackson-9th Chair, Jessic Naifeh-10th chair, Morgan Karas-15th chair

ALTO SAX - Sethan Felkins-1st chair, Greta Mueller-3rd chair, Luke Ferguson-1st Alternate, Catelyn Gardner-2nd Alternate

TRUMPET - Josh Zelkind-1st Alternate

FRENCH HORN - Satchel Grider-3rd chair

PERCUSSION - Rylan Goss-6th Chair



FLUTE - Alexis Gibson-2nd chair, Lily Niu-6th chair, Lauren Choate-9th chair, April Garcia-10th chair, Avery Looney-11th chair, Kate Swenson-3rd Alternate

OBOE - Regan Jones-2nd chair, Akshay Koushik-1st Alternate, Arturo Puigbo-3rd Alternate

BASSOON - Hannah Regier-2nd chair

Eb CLARINET - Erin Ranta-1st chair

Bb CLARINET - Amelia Lollis-4th Chair, Hayden Alexander-21st chair, Brianna Williams-23rd chair, Ian Moore-24th chair, Tania Zavaleta-1st Alternate, Jenny Le-2nd Alternate

BASS CLARINET - Dylan Borchert-1st chair

ALTO SAX - Ben Brown-1st chair, Leslie Graff-1st Alternate, Greydon Baker-2nd Alternate

TRUMPET - Oliver Robinson-1st Chair, Tyler Dammann-4th chair, Isaiah Medina-Agular-5th chair, Jake Thomas-7th chair, Paul Atiyeh-8th chair, Ethan Rackliff-12th chair, Ryan Williams-13th chair, Hayden Bertotti-5th alternate

FRENCH HORN - Andrew Bennett-4th chair, Maddox Kuehnert-5th chair, Holly Hilst-6th chair, Rori Johnson-3rd Alternate

TROMBONE - Ethan Hartman-1st Chair, Matthew Beyer-2nd Chair, Luke Church-5th chair, Rowan Rich-4th alternate

EUPHONIUM - Grant Adamson-5th chair

TUBA - Quentin Keoninger-4th chair, Kelsey Clark-5th chair

PERCUSSION - Ian Hetherington-2nd Chair


Honor Band Clinic Information

The honor band has been rescheduled to take place on March 26th and 27th. Make sure to keep this weekend clear in order to participate. An itinerary will be added once the event has determined to be held. 

If the event takes place, Each student is to pay $25.00 Hotel Fee. Check or Cash is acceptable. Cash should be exact change (Mr. Hillock cannot and will not make change) and in an envelope marked with your name. Checks should be made out to Jenks Band. Students may use their trip account to pay for the hotel.

If the event takes place, music will be distributed to students in February. Students should regularly and diligently practice honor band music so as to be prepared for group rehearsals. These rehearsals are intended for the group to learn to play as an ensemble, experience quality literature, enjoy the honor band experience, and give a top-quality performance on Saturday afternoon. In order for this to occur, students must learn the notes, rhythms, and dynamics prior to the honor band clinic.