Tournament of Roses Parade

The Trojan Pride is very pleased to announce an invitation to march in the 2024 Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California. With over one million people in live attendance and millions more watching on television throughout the world, the parade is a once in a lifetime opportuntiy for our students, band program, school, and community. Preliminary planning is now underway and a great deal of information is going to be shared both initially and over the next few months. The trip will be approximately seven days in length and could include attractions such as the San Diego Zoo, Disneyland & California Adventure, Hollywood Boulevard, Santa Monica Beach, Universal Studios, BandFest, working on Parade Floats, the Ronald Regan Presidential Library and Museum, etc. Potential Dates are December 27th through January 3rd.

Tentative Trip Itinerary

Also see graphic at bottom of page for information. Some events, dates, and times are still subject to change. The scheduling of the BandFest Performance will influence events on Friday, December 29th and Saturday, December 30th.

General Trip Itinerary

Thursday, December 17th
Afternoon Rehearsal - 3:15-4:45

Tuesday, December 19th
Morning Rehearsal - Semester Test Block Time 7:50-9:45
Rehearsal during first hour. Load Semi and Box Trucks after school.

Tuesday, December 26th
Equipment Trucks Depart for Pasadena

Wednesday, December 27th
Departure for Pasadena.
Farmer's Market and Hollywood Tour. 
Hotel Check-In, Medicine Check-In, and Dinner.

Thursday, December 28th
Breakfast at Hotel
San Diego Zoo
Bubba Gump Seafood Restaurant

Friday, December 29th
Breakfast at Hotel
Band Director Breakfast with Drum Majors
Morning Rehearsal at Santa Monica/Malibu Unified School District - Practice Contest Show
Lunch and Free Time at Santa Monica Pier
Pizza Dinner at Float Barn
Work on Construction of Floats

Saturday, December 30th
Breakfast at Hotel
View Floats at Rose Bowl in Pasadena
Photo of Band in front of Rose Bowl Stadium
In-N-Out Burger for Lunch
Afternoon BandFest Performance at Pasadena City Community College
Drive Parade Route
Dinner - Hometown Buffet

Sunday, December 31st
Breakfast at Hotel
Band Director Brunch with Dignitaries
Morning Parade Rehearsal
Universal Studios
New Year's Ice Cream Party at Hotel with Eastern Time Zone
Early to Bed

Monday, January 1st
Boxed Breakfast from Hotel
2024 Tournament of Roses Parade
In-N-Out Burger for Lunch
Return to Hotel for Downtime. Watch Replays of Parade.
Dinner at Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum

Tuesday, January 2nd
Breakfast at Hotel
Equipment Trucks Depart for Oklahoma
Disneyland and California Adventure

Wednesday, January 3rd
Breakfast at Hotel
Medicine and Hotel Checkout
Departure for Oklahoma

Thursday, January 4th
Unload Semi and Box Trucks During 1st Hour

Friday, January 5th
NCDA Honor Bands

Monday, January 8th
Separate Concert Band Rehearsals Begin

Tentative Trip Cost

At this time, the anticipated cost is still estimated to be $3,600.00 per student. While most of the factors have been secured, there are still some factors to be worked out. It is not known if the exact cost will be determined before the end of the 2022-2023 school year. All families are strongly encouraged to continue fundraising and saving money, even before the exact cost has been determined.

Fundraising activities are ramping up. The band parent organization is working hard to provide additional and suitable opportunities for families to raise money. Families should regularly check the band parent website to stay up to date on all fundraising opportunities.

Securing corporate sponsorships is also a great way to build up trip accounts and reduce the overall cost.

Currently, the estimated cost for the trip is approximately $3,600.00. Payments have been divided up into eight equal payments, beginning in March. No payment is required in May so families can better be ready to pay 2023 Marching Band Registration Fees.

Payment Due Date Amount Trip Balance Paid
  02/28/2023   $450.00      $450.00 of $3,600.00
  03/31/2023   $450.00      $900.00 of $3,600.00
  04/30/2023   $450.00   $1,350.00 of $3,600.00
  05/31/2023   $    0.00   Marching Band Registration Fees
  06/31/2023   $450.00   $1,800.00 of $3,600.00
  07/31/2023   $450.00   $2,250.00 of $3,600.00
  08/31/2023   $450.00   $2,700.00 of $3,600.00
  09/30/2023   $450.00   $3,150.00 of $3,600.00
  10/31/2023   $450.00   $3,600.00 of $3,600.00


The Payment schedule above does not include marching band registration fees. (The estimated cost of registration fees are $1,200.00 for new members and $750.00 for returning members). The exact cost of the Rose Parade Trip will be determined when all trip details have been finalized. The goal is to have everything locked in sometime in April. Once the cost is locked in, the payment schedule and remaining payments will be adjusted to match the actual cost and remaining balance of the trip.

Rose Parade Opt In/Opt Out Contract

Contracts have been passed out, signed and returned. A copy of the document is still available for viewing and printing HERE. Students and parents should thoroughly read all the information on the form as well as the information included below.


As with any extended overnight trip, chaperones will be needed and utilized for this trip. The selection process for chaperones will be very similar to what is done for BOA overnight trips. Chaperones will also have to pay to go on the trip, but the goal is the make the cost for chaperones less than the cost for students. Look for information, application information, and deadlines to be posted by the end of the March - when the cost for chaperones has been determined.

Family & Friends

For parents not selected as chaperones and family members that want to make the trip to Pasadena to see the parade live, Grueninger Tours offers Family & Friends Packages at a few varying levels. Travel with the group and participating at some of the potential attractions may or may not be included depending on the package selected. Although there is a link listed at the bottom of the flyer provided by Grueninger Music Tours, it is not live yet. After trip details are secured with the band, a notification will be sent out for people to start submitting information.




  • Chick-fil-A
  • Jenks Butterfield
  • Palen Music Center
  • Brent Hagar State Farm
  • Freckles
  • Curtin Drug
  • Ron Henderson AllState
  • WaterStone Dry Cleaning
  • Mark Allen Chevrolet
  • Wright's Transportation & Mobile
  • Sawyer Manufacturing
  • Demolition Wrecking Company
  • Stretch Lab
  • New Life Ranch
  • Craters & Freighters
  • Stebens Auto Repair
  • Mid America Salebarn