Student Leader

The following students have been selected to the 2021-2022 Student Leadership Team

Section Leaders:
Flute - April Garcia
Clarinet - Amelia Lollis
Bass Clarinet - Dylan Borchert
Saxophone - Arturo Puigbo
Trumpet - Ryan Williams
Mellophone - Rori Johnson
Trombone - Matthew Beyer
Baritone - Grant Adamson
Sousaphone - Quentin Koeninger
Battery - Thomas Duetscher
Front Ensemble - Jack Williamson
Color Guard - Abigail Mullins

Student Leaders:
Flute - Avery Looney, Lily Niu, Kate Swenson
Clarinet - Emily Arlan, Hannah Regier
Bass Clarinet - Avery Reyes
Saxophone - Greydon Baker, Jack Fair
Trumpet - Hayden Bertotti
Mellophone - Michael Deutscher
Trombone - Luke Church
Baritone - Max Zamudio
Color Guard - Ava Jones, Chloe Lepak, Abigail Tuggle

Applications are now being accepted for Trojan Pride Student Leaders. Student Leader positions are open to band members who are going to be a junior or senior for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year.


  1. Student leadership is a volunteer service position. By applying, students are indicating that they want to serve and help meet the needs of the band beyond marching and playing. A strong desire for the band to improve and succeed is essential. The core concept is that the experience of service benefits both the individual and the band.
  2. Student leaders are to lead by example – that is to model ideal behavior, performance, peer relations, and attitude throughout the season both in and out of rehearsal.
  3. Student leaders have no disciplinary authority beyond that of any other students.
  4. Student leaders can be relieved of their duties if they fail in these regards.



  1. Submission of application. Applications are due by Tuesday, April 27th. Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted or considered. Application includes:
  • Resume that highlights leadership roles and experiences.
  • A one-page essay listing greatest personal strengths and areas in which the student leadership team could improve (and how you would improve them).
  • A written record (questions and answers) of two formal interviews with reputable band alumni, school faculty, a reputable adult in leadership position, or school administrator. Interviews should include their views on leadership, what you learned from the interview, and how their view is different than yours.
  • Completion of a service project.
  1. Potential formal interview with staff. Submission of application does not guarantee an interview. Staff will review all applications and select students for interviews. Interviews are tentatively scheduled to begin Wednesday, May 5th.
  2. Candidates for student leader positions are selected at the conclusion of drum major auditions (tentatively set for Wednesday, May 26th). Candidates will perform student leader duties throughout the summer and during pre-band.


Student Leader Application
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