MS Percussion

middle school percussion supplies

JMS Percussionists will need to have the below listed sticks and mallets for class. Though not required, students are also encouraged to have a larger, high quality practice pad with stand as well as a stick bag for their sticks and mallets. My goal is to have all of these items be used throughout middle school and high school. 

Since there are MANY options for percussion equipment, my recommended list below is meant to be a starting place. If you already have the items listed, then there is no need to make an additional purchase if those items are in good condition. If you have something that is different than what is listed, more than likely it will be acceptable for class.

In class I will be going over how to properly take care of their equipment to ensure they last a long time. If there are any problems that occur, I will be in communication with you and your student.

There are two online stores I recommend when purchasing these items:

replique rolex

7th and 8th grade:


Concert Snare Drum Sticks

Vic Firth SD1 General


Marimba Mallets

Innovative Soloist Series IP240 Medium Birch Marimba Mallets


Timpani Mallets

Vic Firth American Custom Timpani T3 - Staccato


Stick Bag

Innovative Percussion Fundamental Stick Bag


Mallet Bundle: These bundles include marimba & timpani mallets, sticks, and a stick bag. This might be an easier option if you do not have any of these items.

Lone Star Percussion Deluxe Stick & Mallet Pack

Innovative Percussion FP2 Intermediate Mallet Pack Model

Vic Firth EP2A Intermediate Education Pack 


8th Grade Additional Items: 

Marching snare drum sticks: Innovative Percussion FSBK

Additional pair of marimba mallets, preferably the same mallet model they already have. For example, if a student has a pair of Innovative Percussion IP240 mallets, buying an additional pair of IP240s should be the first choice when buying a second pair.



Practice pad and concert snare stand


Concert Snare stand:

Recommended practice pads: