OBA 6A State Championships

Saturday, November 2nd at Owasso High School

The OBA State 6A State Marching Band Championships are scheduled for Saturday, November 2nd at Owasso High School. 


Band Room Unlocked 8:00 am – No need to be here before then. Get some good rest, enjoy breakfast with the family, and then be ready to go. Students should arrive with show performance hair done. Students must bring all necessary products/items to touch up/redo show performance hair throughout the day/before each performance. 

Morning Rehearsal 8:30 am - 10:00 am - We will have a light rehearsal this morning. We have found that we are more successful with our prelim runs when we have a chance to properly warm up physically and musically in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere before contest begins. With that in mind, we will do stretching, light body & visuals, as well as sectionals and full group during this time. Rehearsal will be at the track or in the parking lot that is between the music building and the tennis courts.

Load Semi, Box Trucks, and Uniform Racks 10:15 am - Uniform check out first. Students have 60 minutes to load everything. Follow established procedures and get everything ready to go. Uniform racks will be utilized for this trip.

Load Buses 11:15 am - Students should be dressed in uniforms at this point. Instructions given before loading. Lunch served on the bus.

Depart for Owasso 11:30 am - Go to the restroom before getting on the bus. Need to be prompt with departure.

Arrive in Owasso 12:30 pm - Check in, wristbands distributed, park, get ready for unloading & set up. 

Gauntlets & Plumes 1:35 pm

Front Ensemble Lined Up 1:45 pm - Ready to Transit to Warm-Up Area - Front Ensemble Warms Up at 2:15pm. 

Lined Up in Contest Block 2:10 pm - Ready to Transit to Warm-Up Area - We will line up in an established compact block so we can begin with marching fundamentals. Instructions will be given at appropriate time.

Warm-Up 2:30 pm - The warm up for this contest is an all-inclusive warm up for 45 minutes, but we will separate it into 3 segments: stretch and marching fundamentals, sectional warm up, and full group warm up. We will be surrounded by other bands going through the same process - concentrate on what we are doing. Do not to be distracted as we prepare for competition.

Props Transit to Staging Area 3:00 pm

Preliminary Performance 3:30 pm - Return back at our camp. Change out of uniform and organize equipment for finals performance. Do not leave the campus for any reason. Students are encouraged to wear travel shirt or Jenks clothing during down time – not required at this contest – but highly encouraged to show school spirit and unity.

Everyone should be in the stands, sitting together for prelim awards. Drum Majors should be in full uniform and meet at the NW gate for line up at designated time.

Dinner, Talk Time, and other details will be announced - more than likely we will be eating dinner right after prelim awards. Many things depend on the draw times for finals. Dinner is provided by the band parents.  Make sure and show your appreciation by thanking them. Afterwards, STUDENTS make sure and clean up after yourselves.  Do not trash the place.

The time in-between prelims and finals WILL be spent OFF of your feet. Be smart and conserve both your physical and mental energy for our finals performance.

Finals Begin 7:00

Timing and details will depend on the draw times for finals.

Massing of the Bands 10:00 pm

Estimated Departure 11:30 pm

Estimated Return 12:30 am