Welcome to the 2023 marching band season! Information is provided below so that you can stay up to date with information, rehearsals, and payment deadlines. General Dates for the summer and fall are available on the Website Calendar. Specific times and locations will be added to High School drop down menus as dates approach.

Music Memory Tests

Music memory tests over full band warm-ups, the fight song, the star spangled banner, the alma mater, as well as contest music. Memory tests for the warm-ups, fight song, banner, and the alma mater will begin during pre-band rehearsals in late July. Specific days and times will be announced at the beginning of pre-band. Students need to make sure and have this material learned and memorized correctly for the first day of rehearsal. Music memory tests will continue throughout the semester on the show music used for contests and the parade music used near the holiday season.

Stand Tunes

Stand tunes have been selected. This year's set includes tunes we have used in the past and some new ones. Tunes already in the flip folder are Bad Guy, Pretty FlyJungle BoogieThe RaceTalk To Me Dance With MeThe Hey Song, Frankenstein, You Really Got Me, and You Dropped A Bomb On Me. Also included in the flip folder are the standards - the Fight Song, National Anthem, Alma Mater, and all the Go Big J Stuff.

Additional stand tunes that could be added later in the season include: Bad Guy, Word Up, Insects, What I Like About YouShake It OffMic DropUptown FunkCall MeKung Fu FightingHey Baby!, Play That Funky MusicBlinding Lights, and Levitating.

Brass Players and Tuners

All brass players must have a tuner with contact microphone for marching season. They will be utilized for indoor sectionals and indoor full band rehearsals. Tuners can be purchased at area music stores or online. Phone apps will not be utilized during rehearsals. See Links below for examples:

Korg TM60C Combo Tuner Metronome with Contact Microphone, White
Korg TM-60 Tuner and Metronome Combo with Clip on Microphone, Red

Tuners with contact microphone may also be utilized in concert band season for individual tuning during rehearsals. 

Woodwind Players and Reeds

(Updated 8/8/22) The first set of reeds were passed out on Friday, August 5th. Students will be charged on their trip account for one reed. The second set of reeds will be passed out at the end of September, as contest nears. If a student loses or breaks a reed, reeds can be purchased individually from Mr. Gartner/Mr. Hillock. Payment can be made with cash, check, or use trip account funds if money is available.

This year, all clarinets and saxophones will be required to use synthetic reeds for marching season. This is to help unify and strengthen the sound of the woodwind section, as well as establish better consistency in various outdoor environments. Synthetic reeds are initially more expensive, but each student should only need one or two for the entire marching season. If students are responsible and take proper care of them, the two reeds will last the entire marching season. A large supply of reeds has been ordered so that students do not have to go to a store and individually purchase them. Once the reeds have arrived, they will be checked out to students in rehearsal and their trip account charged for the cost. At that point, only synthetic reeds will be used for marching season. Specific information regarding care and maintenance will be shared with students at rehearsal. Reeds that are lost or damaged will be replaced at the cost of the student. Students should still bring regular cane reeds to rehearsals until synthetic reeds have been passed out.

Anticipated Reed Prices
Bb Clarinets - $32.00
Bass Clarinets - $36.00
Soprano Sax - $32.00
Alto Saxes - $31.00
Tenor Saxes - $33.00
Bari Saxes - $35.00

After marching season is completed, regular cane reeds will be used for concert season. Synthetic reeds will not be allowed for concert season.

Marching Contests

Marching contests are all day events. A good portion of our contests are on Saturdays. Contest days usually include a light rehearsal in the morning, loading and departure to contest site, as well as prelim and finals performances. Check website calendar for spedific dates. Students are expected to be at everything listed on the itinerary and should not plan to do anything else on those days.

Marching Contest Show

A short video revealing the theme of the show (.... of time) was shown at the band banquet on Friday, May 6th. The video is posted on the band's Facebook page (click HERE to go to that page). We are excited about the show and all the potential that comes with it. The video only gives small hints of what is to come. Look for more information to be added near the end of school or in early June.

Bands Of America Marching Championships

We are pleased to announce that the Trojan Pride will be returning to the BOA circuit this coming fall. The Trojan Pride has a rich history of competing in BOA Marching Events - being a consistent Regional and Super-Regional finalist for the past decade. This year the band will travel to the Super-Regional Marching Contest in Indianapolis. The dates of the trip are tentatively set for Wednesday, October 19th through Sunday, October 23rd.

At this time, the cost of the trip is estimated to be around $600.00. Complete information, included anticipated cost and payment schedule is available on the BOA Marching Championships Page.

Chaperone Information

Parents wishing to serve as chaperones for overnight trips will be required to go through the application process with the Jenks Band Parents Organization. Information, applications, and deadlines are now available on the BOA Marching Championships Page.

Trip Fund Policy

The Trojan Pride is one of the top proprams in the country. In order to provide a significant learning experiences for our students and aspire to achieve & maintain a high level of excellence, the band takes trips to competitions and festivals on a regular basis. Moving instruments and 250 people across the country is a significant undertaking. The band has more monies flowing through its accounts yearly than any other campus organization. To help insure that these monies are handled properly the Board has developed the Trip Fund Policy.

It is important for parents and students to fully understand how money is managed in the band program. The Trip Fund Policy and other Jenks Band Parent Policies can be found HERE. Please take the time to read through and have a working knowledge of procedures and policies.

Marching Band School Rehearsal Schedule

Below is the regular rehearsal schedule for marching band during the fall semester once school begins. 

In general, the Track is available every morning at the indicated times below. The stadium is not available on Monday but is the remainder of the week. Most of the time, the band rehearses together, but there is the potential to have rehearsals at two different facilities at the same time on selected days. Information is shared with students, written on the board prior to rehearsal, or posted on the website as time allows. 

Mondays – 7:30-9:45 (brass, woodwinds, battery, and guard at the track. Front ensemble in band room or by the concession stand). 4:30-7:30pm Guard sectionals at the track/PEG.

Tuesdays – Fridays 7:30-9:45 (Main rehearsal at stadium. A group or groups may also rehearse at the track depending on what needs to be done for that day. Students should check the board in the band room each morning for specific instructions). 

Evening Rehearsals are usually once a week on Tuesday or Thursday nights from 6:00-8:30 PM at stadium. On Fridays when the game is away, the band also has evening rehearsals at the stadium. There is one Saturday morning rehearsal included as well. Dates are indicated on the website calender and reminders will be sent each week via eNewletter.

Post Marching Season

Once the final contest is finished, the Trojan Pride will be transitioning into concert, honor band, and solo & ensemble seasons.

Concert Band Auditions will take place in mid-October or the same week of NCDA Auditions. Auditions will be done via recording individual auditions both during school and after school. An audition schedule will be added in late September. We divide into three concert bands after results are posted and begin preparing for the Kiwanis Christmas Parade and Holiday Concerts.

Stay Connected

Make sure you are signed up for the HS eNewsletter and follow us on Facebook so you can receive the latest information and be a part of these events, activities, and campaigns.

For more information, families should refer to the high school band handbook and trip fund policy. Students and parents who have questions about this may also email Mr. Hillock.


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