OSSAA Concert Band Competition

Thursday, March 9th

Thursday, March 9th is District Concert Band competition at Owasso High School Performing Arts Center.  Parents are allowed to attend the performance, however they are not allowed to attend the warm-up or the sight-reading portion.  Parents-- Miss Arnold will need 1-3 parents to help with chaperoning.  If you are able to attend, please let her know through email at julie.arnold@jenksps.org.

Students will wear their contest attire:

  • white, long-sleeve, button-down collared shirt TUCKED IN
  • black slacks
  • black dress shoes
  • black socks or hose

Additionally, students need to bring money for a fast food lunch after our perfomance.


7:45 AM:  Students will report to the MS band room in contest attire.  They should not bring an extra change of clothing to the school-- there will not be time to change before or after contest.  We will have an extended rehearsal this morning.

9:20 AM:  Gather all items and load Jenks buses.

9:30 AM:  Depart for OHS  

10:05 AM: Arrive at OHS. Students will quietly drop off instruments to the hallway, and enter the auditorium.  We will listen to a couple of bands perform at this time so that you can see the basic procedure on stage.  (10:20 AM-- Union 7th Grade Band and 10:40 AM--Union 8th Grade Concert Band).  After the final band, we will go back to our equipment and get instruments out of cases.  There is a lot of hurry-up-and-wait at this point.  You must stay quiet and listen for instructions.

11:15 AM Warm-up

11:40 AM Perform

12:00 PM Sight-read

12:20 PM Put items away and load your original bus.  Miss Arnold will be getting contest results during this time.  Be patient-- sometimes this will take awhile.

12:35 PM Depart for fast food restaurants.  You will need your own money.  Your food choices will be Taco Bueno, Arbys, or Sonic.

1:40 PM Load buses and depart for Jenks Middle School.  DO NOT BE LATE.

2:15 PM Arrive at the Middle School.  Percussion and tubas will return equipment to the band room.  All others will go to the mini-auditorium.  Percussion and tuba players will join us in the mini-auditorium after you have dropped off your instruments.  

2:25 PM  Drop off instruments to the MS band room.  Be respectful to the 7th graders who are still in class.

Friday March 10th

Friday, we will talk at length about the upcoming Branson trip, talk about your fundraisers to help with Branson (Butter Braids and spring bedding plants), review judges comments, and listen to our performance.  You will not need your instrument.  Monday after Spring Break, we will begin our Spring Concert music.  :)