Parent Help needed

Meal Prep help needed:  


Help needed with filling water jugs:  The band takes 15 – 20 5 gallon water jugs to every event.  This will take 3 people 15 - 20 minutes.  This is typically done on Thursday evening during rehearsal in the South Concession Stand at the football field.  It may fall on other days due to the date of the event.  Click here to sign up


Equipment Loading & Unloading help needed:  Before and after each event there are multiple trucks that have multiple pieces of equipment including instruments, uniforms, props and podiums that need to be loaded and unloaded.  This is done at the Jenks High School band room or the Jenks stadium.  You will not be required to travel with the band to the event.

The number of people needed will vary between each event.  The exact times will also vary and be relayed as soon as possible ahead of time.  Click here to sign up.