8th Grade Percussion


The clinic and audition process for next year's marching percussion section will take place on the following dates from 5-7pm in the high school band room.

Monday, April 16

Monday, April 23

Tuesday, May 1

All percussionists planning to be in high school band next school year are required to attend these clinics to begin understanding playing technique on drums and keyboards as well as basic marching movement. These clinics also serve as an audition process which will be explained at the first clinic. Students should bring their marching snare drum sticks, packet of music (will be handed out soon), a pencil, athletic shoes, and water. Bringing a practice pad is encouraged but not required. Students should attend these clinics with a readiness to play several different percussion instruments (snare drum, tenors, bass drum, keyboard). 


Marching snare drum sticks

8th grade percussion students will need marching snare drum sticks this year. The pair of sticks I recommend is listed below, but many others would work for class. Please email Mr. Stevenson (mark.stevenson@jenksps.org) if you have any questions.

Innovative Percussion FS-BK Bret Kuhn Signature Marching Snare Sticks


marimba mallets

Innovative Percussion IP240 Medium Birch Marimba Mallets


All 8th grade percussionists will need Foundations for Superior Performance: Percussion