NCDA Trip Information



We have received word from NCDA that they have decided to have the concert TONIGHT due to inclement weather, and cancel all Saturday activities.  Here is the email that we received:

"Good morning,

In light of the potential for bad weather overnight, we have made the decision to accelerate the process for this weekend. Here is the agenda for the remainder of the day:

11:45 Break for lunch
1:15 Rehearsals resume
4:30 Rehearsals end for all bands
6:30 7th Grade Band warm up begins on stage
6:50 JH Band warm up begins in large band room
7:00 7th Grade concert begins
7:20 HS Band warm up begins in large band room (could be delayed slightly, but HS students should be prepared by this time)
The remainder of the concerts will run consecutively with pauses between groups to reset the stage, so they likely will not run every 45 minutes as was previously scheduled. Students should still perform in their concert attire. There will be no activities tomorrow."

We will plan to take your children to dinner tonight.  As stated above, the concerts will be at 7:00 PM (7th grade), 7:30ish PM (8th and 9th grade), and 8:00ish PM (10-12th grades).  If you are able to attend the concert, you are welcome to take your child home with you as soon as each concert is over.  Julie Cryer will be in the foyer.  PLEASE CHECK OUT WITH HER WHEN YOU LEAVE WITH YOUR CHILD.  If you are unable to attend tonight's concert, we will take your child to the middle school tonight.  The 7th and 8th grade bus will leave immediately after the the junior high concert.  Our approximate arrival at Jenks Middle School will be at 9:45 PM.  I will have students communicate with cell phones the ETA when we leave.  

We have canceled our rooms with our hotel, however we have not learned if there will be a refund as of yet.  We will also let you know that information when we know.

Thank you, parents.  We'll take care of your kids.

Julie Cryer



We are still having NCDA as planned.



After watching several weather forecasts and touching base with the Stillwater Administration, NCDA is still planning to have the honor band at the regularly scheduled time this weekend.

 We will continue to watch the forecast this evening. If necessary, we will send out any change in plans late tonight (approximately 9:00 pm), so check your email then – just in case. Otherwise we anticipate that the clinics and concerts will run at the scheduled time.


Posted 1/9 - We are watching the weather forecast for the weekend. At the moment, the trip is still on as planned. There is the possibility of having the concert Friday night, rescheduling the event for January 24 & 25, or canceling the event altogether. NCDA will continue to monitor the weather and make any necessary decisions. Look for updates here on the website as well as Canvas email and the Trojan Pride Band Facebook page. 

Congratulations to all who auditioned for the NCDA Honor Band this weekend. We are very proud of all students who went above and beyond to prepare this challenging music.

Students who were selected received their music in class. Selected students should review the information in the document below to prepare for the NCDA weekend.


Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

-Mr. Silverman