Spring Trip - Atlanta


(Updated 3/23/20) This trip has been cancelled. We will begin to work with the festival organization and travel agencies to determine what residual fees will apply. 

Students and parents should have received an email from the school regarding the coronavirus. It is very well worded and should be read in its entirety. As of 3/13/20, all planned attractions, venues, and facilities are operational and open to the public. The Festival Company is currently planning to hold the event and intend to do so as long as the festival is a viable event. Jenks school admistration is also monitoring and will ultimately decide whether the band will get to travel or not. At the moment, permission to travel and/or participate is being decided on a weekly basis. It is difficult to predict what the scenarios will be like a month from now as circumstances have been constantly changing. Of course we want to go, but not at the risk of compromising health or safety. At this point, the situation does not look optimistic, but it has not been officially ruled out. Residual fees will apply if Jenks cancels and residual fees will apply if the Festival Company cancels the event. The exact amount of the residual fees is not known at this time and would be dependent upon hotel and bus reservations, as well as performance venues and other aspects of the trip. The amount of residual fees could also be contingent upon who cancels first. It is doubtful that a decision will be made by Jenks Public Schools during spring break, but if one is, it will be communicated here and through eBlasts. 

General Information

Below is a general information and an outline that highlights each day of the trip. A complete itinerary will be added as details come to light. Even though we had a large, unexpected amount of students opting out, we have managed to keep the cost of the trip the same and are looking forward to a great trip. 

Emergency Contact Information

Everyone going on the trip must fill out the emergency contact information, comply with general participation guidelines, and list medical needs. Information is taken through our travel agency - Grueninger Music Tours. Please read through all information carefully. Use the provided link to register on our site so that we have emergency contact information, general participation agreements, and medical needs.  This must be completed by Friday, March 27th  -- https://www.gogmt.com/jenks-hs-ga2020/


We were very excited to have a large number of parents apply as chaperones for this trip. Unfortunately, we will not be able to choose everyone, but we are thankful that we have so many parents that were wanting to be a part of this. 

Chaperones for this trip are: Christine Alsbrook, Michelle Bonnett, Jennifer Ganeshasundarum, Jamie Hayden, Jeff Hawes, Kara Hawes, Debra Johnsen, Julie Patuto, Lynn Oberlender, and Sarah Tyler.

Directors going on this trip are Scott Hillock, Ryan Gartner, Mark Stevenson and Brandt Jensen.


Remember, per the opt in contract, students MUST be eligible for state concert band contest in order to be allowed to travel/participate on the Atlanta Trip. Take care of your grades/classes so that you will get to participate on this great trip!

Tentative Trip Itinerary Highlights

Wednesday, April 22nd
Evening departure. Overnight drive to Atlanta.

Thursday, April 23rd
Breakfast stop - en route
Late morning arrival to Atlanta
Lunch - CNN Tower food court
CNN Studio Tour
World of Coca-Cola
Centennial Olympic Park
Dinner - Hard Rock Café
Hotel Check In

Friday, April 24th
Georgia Aquarium
Lunch - The Varsity Atlanta
Jimmy Carter Presidental Library
Afternoon Rehearsal
Medival Times

Saturday, April 25th
Festival Day for the Grand National Adjudicators Festival
Morning Performances - Atlanta Symphony Hall 
Lunch on Site
Afternoon Performances - Atlanta Symphony Hall
Atlanta Braves vs. New York Mets game at Truist Field

Sunday, April 26th
Breakfast at Hotel
Hotel Check Out
Morning Departure
Lunch - en route
Evening arrival in Jenks, OK

Family & Friends Package

There is no family & friends package offered for this trip as it is too small in scale for it to be cost effective. The festival day is free and open to the public, but transportation is not provided by Jenks Band or Grueninger Music Tours. All other events are open to the public, but transportation and any related costs are not provided by Jenks Band or Grueninger Music Tours. 

Group Travel Photos and Videos

As part of the travel package, Group Travel Videos will be providing a memorabilia video of the trip for each family. Photos that are taken during the trip by chaperones, directors, students, and parents may be downloaded for submission to be included. Complete information will be added after spring break. 

Opt In/Opt Out Contract

Opt In/Opt Out Forms were passed out in class on Tuesday, December 3rd. Signed contracts are due on or before Friday, December 20th. The anticipated cost for the trip is $900.00. Payments begin in January and continue through April. All information, payment deadlines, and criteria were included on the form (a copy of the form may still be downloaded for reference). Parents and students should be thoroughly familiar with all information included in the contract. 

To download a copy of the Opt In/Opt Out Form - click HERE.

Payment Schedule

Students and families should financially plan, manage, and save to insure participation in this special event. Each payment listed in the Opt In contract will be required to be in full and on time in order for the trip to come to fruition. Parents and students should understand that if payments are not made on time, the trip WILL be cancelled. Any fees or penalties received from cancelling reservations will be applied to student trip accounts. 

Students and parents should be thoroughly familiar with the Trip Fund and High School Band Handbook Policies. 

Remember, your child will not be allowed to travel and participate on the trip if full payment has not received by April 3, 2020. 

Remember, your child will not be allowed to travel and participation if they are ineligible for state band contest (the week before the trip). 

Payment Due Date Amount Trip Balance



 $250.00 of $900.00



 $475.00 of $900.00



 $700.00 of $900.00



 $900.00 of $900.00


Payment Methods

1) MONEY FRIDAYS - Students may make payments to a band parent each week on Money-Fridays (typically 30 minutes before rehearsal begins). Payment may be made by check or by cash. Cash payments are recommended to be in an envelope with proper information - student name, ID, amount, and reason for payment. Cash receipts are given to person turning in money for documentation purposes. 

2) MAILING - Mail checks to Jenks Band Parents, P.O. Box 425, Jenks, OK  74037.  Checks should be made payable to JBP - JHS. 

3) ONLINE - You can pay for the Wind Symphony WASHINGTON DC Trip by credit card by doing the following:

Login to our new Jenks Band Parents website  www.jenksbandparents.com. Do not use the drop down menu below. Login to the new Jenks Band Parent website. 

You will need to create a login. After you complete the Parent & Student Information section you will see the Spring Trip form under MY ACCOUNT - MY FORMS/PAPERWORK.  Please note you have to select your student's Concert Band Class on your student’s profile for the Spring Trip form to be available.

The Jenks Band Parents website is still under construction but we should have our full website up and running by May 2020. 

If you have any issues or questions, please contact JenksBPcommunications@gmail.com

Remember, your child will not be allowed to travel if full payment is not received by April 3, 2020.

For more information, families should refer to the high school band handbook and trip fund policy. Students and parents who have questions about this may also email Mr. Hillock



We are proud to announce that the Symphonic and Concert Bands will be traveling to Atlanta for the Dixie Classics Grand National Adjudicators Invitational Music Festival. Dixie Classics has an excellent reputation for organizing, hosting, and running first class music festivals across the country. Jenks has competed and performed in Dixie Classic competitions across the country more than with any other music festival outside of Oklahoma. The competition is always healthy and the awards rewarding and meaningful.

In addition to the music festival, highlights of the trip may include a Tour of the CNN Studio, the World of Coca-Cola, Centennial Olympic Park, Skyview Atlanta, Hard Rock Cafe, Martin Luther King's Birthplace, the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library, the Georgia Aquarium, Medival Times, an Atlanta Braves Baseball game, or other possible venues. 


We will be chartering buses for this trip. Other details including times, lodging, rehearsals are still being considered and worked out. As information is provided and finalized, details will be updated for students and families to best prepare for the trip. Dates for this trip are Wednesday, April 22nd through Sunday, April 26th.

It should be noted that any student who is ineligible for state contest will not be allowed to travel on the spring trip. Students should make sure and keep their grades up and avoid this situation.


Approximately 6-10 parents will be needed to travel as with the group as chaperones. Chaperone Applications may be downloaded HERE

Applications should be turned into Mr. Hillock on or before Thursday, February 6, 2020. Applications will be reviewed and parents will be contacted by the end of February.