Palen Music Step-up Instrument Night

By the time a student reaches 8th or 9th grade, they have shown that they have the ability and work ethic to secceed beyond what their beginner level instrument can allow.  It is usually during this time that we suggest that parents begin looking at upgrading their beginning instrument.

To this end, we have made special arrangements with Palen Music Center of Broken Arrow to be in the band room at Jenks High School (south entrance in Aquatic Center parking lot) on Monday, November 25th from 5-7:30 PM (by appointment) to meet with parents and students on an individual basis.

Wednesday (November 20th), a Palen representative brought upgraded instruments to the band room to allow students to try them out.  We passed out a sign-up sheet and students that were interested listed their phone number.  If your child added their name to the list, a Palen representative will be calling you to give you more information and set up an appointment for the evening of Monday, November 25th.  Walk-ins are also welcome, but scheduling an appointment time will cut down on your wait time.  Please bring your driver's license and a form of payment (financing is available on approval).  Palen Music Center also provided students with a filer, found HERE.

Please email us if you have questions or need more information. We are more than willing to help.

Julie Cryer

Scott Hillock