Spring Trip - Washington DC

Opt In/Opt Out Contract

Opt In/Opt Out Forms were passed out in class on Tuesday, December 3rd. Signed contracts are due on or before Friday, December 13th. The anticipated cost for the trip is now $1600.00. Payments begin in December and continue through March. All information, payment deadlines, and criteria were included on the form (a copy of the form may still be downloaded for reference). Parents and students should be thoroughly familiar with all information included in the contract. 

To download a copy of the Opt In/Opt Out Form - click HERE.

Payment Schedule

Students and families should financially plan, manage, and save to insure participation in this special event. Each payment listed in the Opt In contract will be required to be in full and on time in order for the trip to come to fruition. Parents and students should understand that if payments are not made on time, the trip could be cancelled. Any fees or penalties received from cancelling reservations will be applied to student trip accounts. 

Students and parents should be thoroughly familiar with the Trip Fund and High School Band Handbook Policies. 

Remember, students will not be allowed to travel if full payment is not received by March 6, 2020.

Payment Due Date Amount Trip Balance



 $200.00 of $1,600.00



 $667.00 of $1,600.00



 $1,134.00 of $1,600.00



 $1,600.00 of $1,600.00


Payment Methods

1) MONEY FRIDAYS - Students may make payments to a band parent each week on Money-Fridays (typically 30 minutes before rehearsal begins). Payment may be made by check or by cash. Payments by cash are recommended to be in an envelope with proper information - student name, ID, amount, and reason for payment. Cash receipts are given to person turning in money for documentation purposes. 

2) MAILING - Mail checks to Jenks Band Parents, P.O. Box 425, Jenks, OK  74037.  Checks should be made payable to JBP - JHS. 

3) ONLINE - Credit card payments may be made online.  Click on "Store", then go to Categories and select "Trip Account Payments". Select the option that allows you to make a credit card payment of any amount towards your student's trip account. Please note that a 3% processing fee will be added to your credit card payment.   

For more information, families should refer to the high school band handbook and trip fund policy. Students and parents who have questions about this may also email Mr. Hillock.



We are proud to announce that the Wind Symphony will be traveling to Washington DC for the President's Cup National Invitational Concert Band Festival. The festival is run by Sound Education Programs and hosted by the United States Army Band "Pershing's Own." One-hundred bands from across the country were invitied to apply with the festival accepting only eight bands to participate. For the second time, the Jenks Wind Symphony has been chosen to participate at this festival - the first being back in 2015. 

In addition to the music festival, highlights of the trip may include George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate, the Smithsonian Institute Museums, Arlington National Cemetery, United States Capitol and National Archives, master classes and question & answer sessions with members of the Pershing's Own. 

We will be flying to DC and chartering buses on location for this trip. Other details including times, lodging, rehearsals are still being considered and worked out. As information is provided and finalized, details will be updated for students and families to best prepare for the trip. Dates for this trip are Wednesday, April 1st through Sunday, April 5th. 


Students should make sure to keep their grades up and avoid being ineligible for this trip (as well as state concert band contest and state solo & ensemble contest). Full payment is required and is not refundable.

Only 4 parents can be selected to travel with the group as a chaperones. (Two will fly with the group to DC and two will drive a vehicle pulling a trailer with equipment/luggage in order to save flight travel cost). Chaperone Applications may be downloaded HERE. Applications should be turned into Mr. Hillock on or before Thursday, February 6, 2020. Applications will be reviewed and parents will be contacted by the end of February.