Trip Rules


  1. Do not go anywhere by yourself.
  2. No illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, or tobacco.
  3. No shoplifting.
  4. Students are not allowed in other students rooms.
  5. Do not leave your room after curfew/room check.
  6. Deadline for pizza delivery is 30 minutes before curfew.
  7. You are personally responsible for any damages sustained in your room during your stay. If you enter your room at check in and notice anything wrong, notify the chaperone immediately.
  8. Be courteous to each other, and respectful and obedient to sponsors.
  9. You are representing Jenks Public Schools, the City of Jenks, and the state of Oklahoma. Good manners in all facets of behavior leave lasting, positive impressions. Saying “please” and “thank you”, avoiding profanity, opening doors, etc. also leave good impressions.
  10. Public or Private Display of Affection is prohibited. Students are not allowed on other student's laps in any form. blankets on buses are allowed but hands must be on the outside.
  11. All students need to dress in a manner that complies with school dress code. Do not wear anything provocative or immodest.
  12. Be prompt with times placed on the schedule. Tardiness will cause a loss of privilege.
  13. No running or loud noises in the halls.
  14. Each person is allowed one suitcase. The suitcase must be a normal size. Pack wisely.
  15. iPods, or DVD players may be used on the bus, but only with headphones. No external speakers may be used.
  16. No switching buses.
  17. Movies must be rated PG - 13 or lower. Excessive violence, language, or skin will not be allowed.
  18. Keep track of personal belongings to prevent loss or theft of personal items.

Consequences for infraction of rules will range from loss of privilege to being sent home at the parents’ expense. Consequences will be a direct result of the severity of the infraction.