Dear Parents:

As we begin to focus on the upcoming concert season, it is time for some of your students to consider upgrading their instrument.  By the time a student reaches the 8thor 9thgrade, they have shown that they have the ability and work ethic to succeed beyond what their beginner level instrument can allow.  Also, many of you originally rented your instrument through Palen Music.  If you upgrade your instrument BEFORE you have paid-off the beginner instrument (which is usually toward the end of 8th grade), you will be able to use a decent portion of that money towards the upgrade.  The timing of this matters.

To this end, we have made special arrangements with Palen Music Center of Broken Arrow to be in the band room at Jenks High School on Tuesday, November 29th  from 5:00 – 7:30 PM to meet with parents and students on an individual basis.

Hopefully, this will enable our students to upgrade to one of these superior instruments in an affordable way and allow their continued musical growth as well as improve the musicianship of our band.

On Wednesday, November 16th, a Palen representative brought instruments to the band room so that students were able to see them.  We passed around a sign-up sheet, and students that were interested listed their phone number. If your child added their name to the list, a Palen representative will be texting you to give you more information and set up an appointment for the evening of November 29th.  Walk-ins are also welcome, but scheduling an appointment time will cut down on your wait time.  Please bring your driver’s license and a form of payment (financing is available with approval).

Upgrading your instrument is not a requirement to be a part of high school band, but it can tremendously help your child with their sound quality (and therefore open greater opportunities for them).  It is important to note that a good tone can become a great tone with a better instrument.  However, a bad tone will not improve much if it has a better instrument.  Please reach out to any director if you'd like to have a candid conversation about the upgraded instrument and your child.  We are willing to help.

We hope you can take advantage of this unique opportunity.


Julie Cryer

Sam Silverman

Scott Hillock                                                                 



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