Volunteer Hours - It's very important to record your Volunteer Hours. 
Parent Volunteer Information - In order to ensure the safety of our students and to comply with school regulations, volunteer policies and procedures are required for every volunteer.  In the Jenks Band organization, a volunteer defines any of us that perform a task that benefits the program.  This would include chaperoning, working concessions, helping with food services, holding a board position, selling spirit wear, working with uniforms, etc...(I think you probably see the pattern....it applies to ALL of us…   :-)
With that being said, we need everyone that is performing one of these functions to fill out a volunteer application and process a lobby guard application.  The volunteer app is totally on line.  It does NOT produce paperwork for you to print out and turn in. (YEA!!!).  Please use this link to perform this task prior to fulfilling the duties of volunteering this season - 

Very important - In the “Teacher” section, you need to put “Scott Hillock”.  This way, Kathy Guenther, the district volunteer coordinator, can run a report on this field for us showing us everyone that has met this requirement. 

The second step - School Safe (formerly Lobby Guard) is needed to complete this application.  You need to run your Driver's License through a School Safe machine and get a sticker that is generated.  These machines can be found at the main entrances for building 5, 6, Math & Science Center, and the Freshman Academy. We will then match this sticker with your on line volunteer app and let the magic begin!


  • Chick-fil-A
  • Jenks Butterfield
  • Palen Music Center
  • Brent Hagar State Farm
  • Freckles
  • Curtin Drug
  • Ron Henderson AllState
  • WaterStone Dry Cleaning
  • Mark Allen Chevrolet
  • Wright's Transportation & Mobile
  • Sawyer Manufacturing
  • Demolition Wrecking Company
  • Stretch Lab
  • New Life Ranch
  • Craters & Freighters
  • Stebens Auto Repair
  • Mid America Salebarn