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Music for Spring Concert
Rolling Thunder - Henry Fillmore
October - Eric Whitacre
Super Mario Brothers - Koji Kondo
Tempered Steel - Charles Rochester Young
Un Cafecito - Dennis Llinás


State Concert Band Contest - Friday, April 12th

Jenks is both hosting and competing in the 6A State Concert Band Contest. We will have morning rehearsal on the PAC stage from 8:25-10:00am. Students will need to bring concert attire with them that morning. Attire may be stored in the Wind Symphony Room. After rehearsal, everything needed for the contest (except percussion equipment) will need to be moved and kept in the Wind Symphony room during contest day.

Students will be excused from classes for 4th, 5th and 6th hours. At that point, students should change into concert attire, get instruments and music out, and line up in the hallway outside the large choir room.

Students must be VERY quiet and professional when doing all these things. There will be a band waiting in the hallway, one in the warm-up room, and one in the sight-reading room, as well as regular classes in the choir, music theory, and orchestra rooms. Students may NOT enter the Concert Band (M111) at any time during the day. It is being used for sight-reading.

Report to the Music Building Hallway in front of the main choir room by 2:15pm. Stand in row order in so as not to waste time entering the room and getting seated. Do not be late. Again, you must be professional and quiet as you wait. Students should be focused on the task at hand and be ready to perform at the highest level.

2:30 Warm Up (Symphonic Band Room)
3:00 Concert Performance (PAC)
3:30 Sight-Read (Concert Band Room)
4:00 Finished (it should be noted that most bands play a long program and the contest tends to run behind. Finish time may be closer to 4:30 or 4:45). Return to music building hallway, put stuff away, and have a nice weekend. Students should still be quiet and professional. Judges will still be in the sight-reading room finishing up their critique/comments and will be able to hear what you say/see what you do while putting things away.

The Stage Performance is free and open to the public (sight-reading is a closed performance). Anyone who wants to hear the stage performance may attend.

Music for Contest
National Emblem March - E.E. Bagley
Yosemite Autumn - Mark Camphouse
Baron Cimetiere's Mambo - Donald Grantham

Playing Tests
Playing Tests are over contest material. All playing tests will be done during class and use digital stereo recorders.
Test #1 Material - Begins Monday, February 26th over selected measures of Baron Cimetiere's Mambo*
Test #2 Material - Begins Monday, March 11th over selected measure from Baron Cimetiere's Mambo*
Test #3 Material - Begins Monday, March 26th over selected measure from Yosemite Autumn*
*some tests are handed out etudes instead of material from the Mambo. No handouts were given for Yosemite.

TCC Pre-State Music Festival - Thursday, March 28th or Friday, March 29th
HS Preview Concert - Tuesday, April 2nd
State 6A-E and 6A-EE Concert Band Contests - Tuesday, April 9th
State 6A Concert Band Contest - Friday, April 12th
Spring Percussion Recital - Thursday, May 2nd
Spring Concert - Thursday, May 16th (back up date is May 10th in case of bad weather)

The following items are required for class daily:
Foundations for Superior Performance
Concert Folder
Scales Sheet
Tuning Tendency Guide
Sheet Music


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  • Palen Music Center
  • Brent Hagar State Farm
  • Curtin Drug
  • Ron Henderson AllState
  • Mark Allen Chevrolet
  • Sawyer Manufacturing
  • New Life Ranch
  • Red Crown Credit Union
  • Hopper Dental
  • Scissortail Building Supply
  • Young Peoples Clinic
  • Carlettis Dentistry
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