Jenks Band! Hope you have had a great summer. We are looking forward to seeing everyone and excited to get marching band started. Here are a few things that you need to know for the first rehearsal:

All students will check in at the band room on Monday morning. Doors will be unlocked at 7:30am. All students will enter in from the South Glass doors. Check in tables will be assigned by last name. Anyone who has not paid their fees or turned in the proper forms may do so at this time - but the preference is for it to be turned in ahead of time. Students will not be allowed to participate and sent home until these are taken care of. 

A list showing the status of physicals and medical releases as of July 20th is available HERE. Medical release forms were filled out and turned in at registration in May. If a student still needs to turn in a medical release, that form can be downloaded HERE. If a person still needs to turn in a physical, that form can be downloaded HERE. All fees and payment information can be found on the Band Parent Website.

After everyone has checked in, we will meet as a full group in the main band room for welcome time, introductions, and initial information. After that, we will go to the track for outside morning rehearsal. Instruments will not be used at the first outside rehearsal, but will be used later that morning for the first indoor rehearsal and sectionals. 

Click HERE to see the full Pre-Band Rehearsal Schedule. 

That should be enough to get you started. Get ready for a great marching season. See you Monday the 22!

Pre-Band Rehearsal Quick Checklist:

  • Registration Fees All Paid Up
  • Indianapolis Payments up to date
  • Physical Forms completed and turned in
  • Medical Release Form completed and turned in
  • All Brass Players - Tuner with Contact Microphone
  • All Clarinets and Saxophone Players - Synthetic Reeds (will be passed out at rehearsal - see Marching Band Main Page for details)
  • Music includes both Show Music and Practiced Music - Remember Songs to be played by memory during pre-band are Full Band Warm Ups, Jenks Fight Song, Star Spangled Banner, and Jenks Alma Mater.
  • A 1", 3-Ring Binder with 20 Page Protectors.
  • Pencil to mark music in rehearsal.
  • Proper Attire includes t-shirt and shorts (no jeans), tennis shoes with tight laces and socks (no sandals), Hat, Sunglasses, and Sunscreen.
  • Plenty of Cold Water in Jug or Cooler. A plastic 8 ounce bottle will not be enough.

Pre-Band Rehearsal Schedule and Information

All registration fees and scheduled trip payments must be paid in full by the time Pre-Band Begins.

All physicals must be completed and turned in before percussion camp/pre-band.

All medical release forms must be turned in before percussion camp/pre-band begins.

Students that have not done these things will not be allowed to rehearse in the summer and/or when school begins.


  • Chick-fil-A
  • Jenks Butterfield
  • Palen Music Center
  • Brent Hagar State Farm
  • Curtin Drug
  • Ron Henderson AllState
  • Mark Allen Chevrolet
  • Sawyer Manufacturing
  • New Life Ranch
  • Red Crown Credit Union
  • Hopper Dental
  • Scissortail Building Supply
  • Young Peoples Clinic
  • Carlettis Dentistry
  • Dreaming About
  • Ron Henderson
  • Regent Bank
  • Graves McLain
  • Horizons