NCDA Honor Band Trip Itinerary

Initial Information

Students should regularly and dilligently practice honor band music so as to be prepared for group rehearsals. These rehearsals are intended for the group to learn to play as an ensemble, experience quality literature, enjoy the honor band experience, and give a top quality performance on Saturday afternoon. In order for this to occur, students must learn the notes, rhythms, and dynamics prior to the honor band clinic.

Hotel fee is $30.00 and is due by Tuesday, December 13th, before the holiday break. Payments may be made by Check (made out to Jenks band). Cash (should be exact amount, turned in an envelope with proper information on the outside), Trip Funds (if money is in trip account), or Credit Card (done on Band Parent Website).

Proper concert attire consists of:

High School Students - Marching band uniform, Long black socks, and Black marching band shoes. No hat or gauntlets.

8th Grade Students - Concert Band Uniform              

MALE:  Black long-sleeved collared, button up dress shirt, black dress slacks (no jeans), black socks, black dress shoes (no tennis shoes).

FEMALE:  Black long-sleeved collared, button up dress shirt/blouse, black dress slacks (no jeans), black dress socks or hose, black dress shoes (no tennis shoes) - heels may be worn, but not required.

7th Grade Students - Concert Band Uniform

MALE:  White long-sleeved collared dress shirt, black dress slacks (no jeans), black socks, black dress shoes (no tennis shoes).

FEMALE: White modest blouse, black dress slacks (no jeans), black dress socks or hose, black dress shoes (no tennis shoes) - heels may be worn, but not required.


Friday, January 7th

 6:00 AM    Load Buses

We have two buses going to Stillwater - one for HS students and one for MS. Students in grades 9-12 should check out uniform and load everything at the HS music building. Students in grades 7-8 will load buses in the MS front oval. Remember to bring your suitcase, concert uniform/attire, instrument, folder/music, pencil, mutes (if needed), and money for meals and evening activity. Students should pack lightly as they will carrying everything on Saturday morning to their rehearsal venue.

Percussion students should make double sure they have brought all necessary instruments and sticks/mallets. It would be a good idea for percussion students to organize all equipment Thursday after school so nothing is accidentally forgotten on Friday morning. Take care of school and personal equipment. We want them to stay in good condition and not to get forgotten, lost, stolen, damaged, or broken.

 6:30 AM    Depart for Stillwater

 8:00 AM    Arrive and Unload

Seating is at 8:15. All groups are rehearsing at Stillwater High School, 1224 N. Husband Street

8:30 AM    Morning Rehearsals Begin

Rehearsals are from 8:30 - 12:00. HS band is in the Stillwater Performing Arts Auditorium, the JH band is in the Band Room, and the 7th Grade band is in the Orchestra Room.

12:00 PM    Lunch

Buses may take students to nearby areas for lunch. Students need approximately $10.00 for fast food type lunch.

1:30 PM     Afternoon Rehearsals Begin

Rehearsals are from 1:30 - 5:00

5:00 PM     Load Buses

Students will get on the same buses that they rode in the morning to come to Stillwater. Students will have the opportunity to eat at nearby, fast food restaurant for supper - approximately $10.00 will be needed. Then, we will be going to the movies at the Carmike 10, 1909 North Perkins Road, (405) 372-0341. Students will not be allowed to go to a movie rated worse than PG-13. Below is the link for current movies and ticket prices.

After that, we will check into the hotel. We are staying at the Residence Inn by Marriot, 800 South Murphy Street, (405) 707-0588.

10:00 PM    Return to Hotel

Times for students to be in rooms and lights out will be determined once we return to the hotel.


Saturday, January 8th

6:30 AM   Wake Up

Students should allow enough time to get cleaned and dressed, eat breakfast, pack, and load everything on the buses.

7:00 AM   Breakfast

Continental Breakfast is included with the hotel.

7:50 AM   Load Buses

Make sure you have not left anything in the hotel as we will not return to hotel after morning rehearsals. Students should be on the same buses as yesterday.

8:10 AM   Depart for Rehearsals

Once students have been dropped off for morning rehearsals, buses will return to Jenks. Students will need to unload everything off the bus and keep them in a predetermined place during morning rehearsals. After morning rehearsal, tranportation will now be the responsibility of individual families. Directors will still be present during morning rehearsals but unable to provide transportation to individuals.

8:30 AM   Rehearsals Begin

Individual schedules for each band are listed below. Pay close attention to details as schedules are different for each band.

JH band is in the Stillwater Performing Arts Auditorium, the HS band is in the Band Room, and the 7th Grade band is in the Orchestra Room.

All Concerts are located at Stillwater High School Performing Arts Center, 1224 N. Husband St.

7th Grade Band
 8:30am - 11:30am - Rehearsal in High School Orchestra Room
11:45am - 1:30pm - Lunch & change for concert
 1:30pm - Students have eaten, changed into concert attire, and meet on stage for warm up
 2:00pm - Concert Begins

Junior High Band
 8:30am - 11:45am - Rehearsal on stage at Stillwater High School PAC
11:45am - 1:30pm - Lunch & change for concert
 2:15pm - Students have eaten, changed into concert attire, and warm up in Band Room
 2:45pm - Concert Begins

Senior High Band
 8:30am - 11:45am - Rehearsla in Stillwater High School Band Room
11:45am - 1:30pm - Lunch
 1:30pm - 2:30pm - Uniform Change time
 2:45pm - Warm Up in Band Room
 3:30pm - Concert Begins

Have a good concert. Drive home safely.

High Students remember to check in marching band uniform on Monday morning before rehearsal begins.


Congratulations to the following students for making the NCDA Regional Honor Band:


PICCOLO - April Garcia-1st chair

FLUTE - Lily Niu-2nd chair, Hailey Dammann-3rd chair, Avery Looney-4th chair, Kate Swenson-5th chair, Sophie Hopkins-9th chair, Angelina Lombardo-1st Alternate

OBOE - Akshay Koushik-1st chair, Arturo Puigbo-3rd chair

BASSOON - Hannah Regier-1st Alternate

Bb CLARINET - Amelia Lollis-5th chair, Erin Ranta-6th chair, Jessica Naifeh-14th chair, Emily Arlan-15th chair, Emma Jackson-18th chair, Morgan Karas-19th chair

BASS CLARINET - Dylan Borchert-1st chair, Ashlynn Harris-2nd Alternate

ALTO SAX - Greydon Baker-2nd chair, Sethan Felkins-4th chair, Jack Fair-5th chair, Greta Mueller-6th chair, Luke Ferguson-2nd Alternate

BARI SAX - Wyatt Rathbone-2nd Alternate

TRUMPET - Oliver Robinson-1st chair, Hayden Bertotti-2nd chair, Ethan Rackliff-3rd chair, Ryan Williams-4th chair, Jake Thomas-5th chair, Paul Atiyeh-7th chair

FRENCH HORN - Rori Johnson-6th chair, Andrew Bennett-7th chair, Michael Deutscher-2nd Alternate, Maddox Kuehnert-4th Alternate

TROMBONE - Matthew Beyer-2nd chair, Luke Church-5th chair, Braden Bass-7th chair, Alex Atiyeh-4th Alternate

EUPHONIUM - Grant Adamson-3rd chair

TUBA - Quentin Koeninger-1st chair, Joel Camacho-6th chair

PERCUSSION - Thomas Deutscher-7th chair



FLUTE - Macie Rodgers-1st chair, Hadley Kirk-7th chair

OBOE - Gavin Yanik-1st chair

BASSOON - Montana McDaniel-2nd chair, Rebecca Schlecht-3rd chair

CLARINET - Catherine Isaac-1st chair, Louis Garcia-4th chair, Katelyn Persson-5th chair, Maggie Scruggs-11th chair

BASS CLARINET - Lizzie Haugen-1st chair, Desire Lucero-2nd chair

ALTO SAX - Niang Ciin-5th chair

TRUMPET - Greer Baskin-8th chair

FRENCH HORN - Keagan Sponsler-2nd chair, Carter Covington-3rd chair

TROMBONE - Jack Jones-5th chair

EUPHONIUM - Jacob Guten-4th chair

TUBA - Jayden Pei-1st chair

PERCUSSION - Tessa Summerlin-8th chair, Rayleigh Johnson-4th Alternate


NCDA auditions take place on Saturday November 6th at Owasso High School, 12901 E 86th Street North. Click here for a google map to the school. Auditions will take place at the East Campus (main building). Vehicles may park in the West or South parking lots, and enter through the South or Northwest doors. Percussion should unload at the PAC loading dock. Click here for a view of Owasso High School with highlighted entrances. The gym will be the warm-up area, and the large band room will function as an additional percussion warm-up area.

Parents are responsible to take students to the audition. There will NOT be a school bus provided.  

Band directors will be there, but serving as judges throughout the day. They will not be able to supervise students. 

Owasso is currently operating under a "mask optional" policy. If students are experiencing Covid symptoms, they should not participate in auditions.

Concessions will be available in the Ram Cafe.

Students may wear normal school clothes for this audition. It is not necessary to dress up for this event. The judges are behind a screen and cannot see the students.

Students should arrive 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to their audition. This allows enough time to warm up, obtain your audition time, find your room, and play your audition. Playing order will be randomly selected by computer and POSTED IN THE WARM-UP AREA (Gym). Students should go there FIRST. (Students should not ask the monitor what their number is--they must check in the warm-up area themselves.) Then, students should go to the try-out room and sign-in next to their number. Tryout material (etude excerpts with cuts and chosen scales) will be posted by each room at that time. Scales do not have to be memorized - students may use their scale sheet and music during the audition. Make sure that you arrive early so that you have time for an adequate warm-up, and so that you are allowed to play. You are ONLY allowed to warm-up in the gym. Students who miss their audition time will not be allowed to try-out late without prior consent. NO DELAYING TACTICS!  If for some reason a student must play early or late, they ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT change numbers.

Students in grades 10-12 are auditioning for HS NCDA and OMEA honor bands. Both auditions take place at the same time. Students in 9th grade are auditioning for the JH NCDA honor band.

High School Bb Clarinet auditions are separated into two rooms this year. One room is designated for scales and sight reading. The other room is designated for audition etudes.

All percussion auditions are separated into three rooms: Keyboard - Band Room 2, Timpani - Band Room 3, and Snare - Percussion Studio. Auditions begin with Keyboards in Band Room 2.

Results will be posted outside of the gym approximately one hour after all the students of the same instrument have completed auditioning. 

Best of luck, students. We are rooting for you!!


HS Audition Rooms and Times

 Instrument  Room Number  Audition Start Time
 Piccolo 2   3:05 PM
 Flute 261 12:00 PM
 Oboe 2   1:30 PM
 Bassoon 2   2:25 PM
 Eb Clarinet 118   3:10 PM
 Bb Clarinet 9 12:00 PM
 Bass Clarinet 118   1:30 PM
 Contra Clarinet 118   2:45 PM
 Alto Saxophone 122   1:30 PM
 Tenor Saxophone 121   1:30 PM
 Baritone Saxophone 121   2:15 PM
 Trumpet 256 12:00 PM
 French Horn 114   1:30 PM
 Trombone 260 12:00 PM
 Euphonium 7   1:30 PM
 Tuba 4 1:30 PM
 Percussion Band 2   1:30 PM















JH Audition Rooms and Times

 Instrument  Room Number  Audition Start Time
 Flute 260   9:00 AM
 Oboe 2   9:28 AM
 Bassoon 2 10:24 AM
 Bb Clarinet 125 9:00 AM
 Bass Clarinet 257   9:32 AM
 Contra Clarinet 257 10:20 AM
 Alto Saxophone 121   9:00 AM
 Tenor Saxophone 256 9:00 AM
 Baritone Saxophone 256   9:40 AM
 Trumpet 128   9:00 AM
 French Horn 118   9:44 AM
 Trombone 7   9:00 AM
 Euphonium 4   9:52 AM
 Tuba 6   9:40 AM
 Percussion Band 2   9:00 AM













Click HERE to see a map showing the location of each room.

  • Chick-fil-A
  • Jenks Butterfield
  • Palen Music Center
  • Brent Hagar State Farm
  • Postal Annex
  • Freckles
  • Firehouse Subs
  • Curtin Drug
  • Ron Henderson AllState
  • A-Best Roofing
  • Security Bank
  • Jersey Mike's
  • WaterStone Dry Cleaning
  • VO's Tailor Shop