Congratulations to the following students for making the OMEA All-State Honor Bands:

Flute - Sophie Hopkins, 3rd chair Wind Ensemble; Hadley Kirk, 6th chair Symphonic Band
Oboe - Gavin Yanik, 1st chair Wind Ensemble; Rachel Oakes, 1st Alternate
Eb Clarinet - Jessica Naifeh, 1st Alternate
Bb Clarinet - Louis Garcia, 10th chair Wind Ensemble; Maggie Scruggs, 16th chair Symphonic Band
Bass Clarinet - Lizzie Haugen, 2nd chair Symphonic Band
Alto Saxophone - Sethan Felkins 2nd chair Wind Ensemble
Trumpet - Daniel Blackwell, 2nd chair Wind Ensemble; Greer Baskins, 2nd chair Symphonic Band
French Horn - Keagan Sponsler, 6th chair Symphonic Band
Trombone - Alex Atiyeh, 4th chair Symphonic Band
Euphonium - Braden Bass, 1st chair Wind Ensemble
Tuba - Jayden Pei, 3rd Alternate
Percussion - Rylan Goss, 4th chair Wind Ensemble; Ryann Lee, 6th chair Symphonic Band; Gus Shelton, 1st chair Orchestra

Folders containing all information and music was passed out to students on Monday, December 4th. Make sure and read all information in the folder. For this honor band, the hotel is taken care of by the Jenks band parent organization (reservations & payment). Students/families are responsible for all remaining fees including registration, unlisted meals, and any items they may wish to buy. All registration transactions take place online with OMEA. A link will be sent via email from G-TOMS. Registration is completed online by parents/students and is due by Saturday, December 9th. If an email has not been received by Monday, notifiy Mr. Hillock immediately!!!! 

All information must be filled out, signed, and uploaded and returned to OMEA by December 9th or students will be replaced by an alternate. Do not let this happen - make sure to meet the deadline. Start the process early enough to think through all the information needed by OMEA.

OMEA All-State Itinerary

This information is supplemental to the rehearsal schedule/information that you received in your folder. Make certain that you are familiar with all times and locations. The school pays for hotel – reservations have already been made. Students are responsible for everything else. Students in the Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band wear marching band uniforms. Students in orchestra wear black concert attire.

Do not be late for any rehearsal or you will be sent home! Set your alarm. Check on your fellow band members. Make sure everyone is up and ready to go.


7:00 AM         All students to be here at this time. Instructions given. Load Van & Bus

We are taking a school bus and van to the Tulsa PAC. Everything needed for rehearsals will go in the bus. Luggage, uniforms or concert blacks, and all hotel items will go in the van. Students should check out marching band uniforms during loading time. Make sure your black shoes have been cleaned and look good.

7:30 AM         Depart for Downtown

8:00 AM         Arrive @ Tulsa PAC

We are staying at the Double Tree Downtown Tulsa Hotel, 616 W 7th Street, Tulsa 74127, (918) 587-8000. This is not the same hotel as last year. Luggage will be kept in the van during the day. Arrangements will be made so students may get luggage after either the afternoon or evening rehearsal - it will depend on Mr. Hillock's schedule and when room keys are available.

8:30/9:00 AM         Rehearsals Begin

10:30 PM        Curfew and room check

Do not congregate out in the halls to chat, play hack, or anything else that might disturb patrons that are not associated with the OMEA Convention.


Breakfast is on your own. You are allowed to bring breakfast with you or eat breakfast in the hotel restaurant, convenience store, or vending machines. You are not allowed to charge a meal to your room. Be up and ready to go with plenty of time. Know where you are going for rehearsal and/or sectionals. Do not be late for rehearsal, be early and warmed up.   

5:00 PM          Dinner

After the afternoon rehearsal, we will load up on the buses and go out to dinner to a restaurant. Students will need approximately $15-20 for this meal. After eating, we will return to the PAC and listen to honor groups performing that night. Concerts begin at 7:30pm.

11:00 PM       Curfew and room check.


You guessed it. Breakfast is still the same deal. Go to morning rehearsal as scheduled. Parents will meet students in the lobby after final rehearsal to check them out, take them to lunch, and bring back for afternoon performances. 

All students are to return their marching band uniform to the loft on Monday morning. 


The following students have passed to the final round of OMEA All-State Auditions:

PICCOLO - Daniela Camacho

FLUTE - Ifeoluwa Aruna, Daniela Camacho, Sophie Hopkins, Ava Jackson, Alexis Johnson, Hadley Kirk, Angel Robles

OBOE - Rachel Oakes, Gavin Yanik

BASSOON - Elias Hart, Rebecca Schlecht

Eb CLARINET - Louis Garcia, Jessica Naifeh

Bb CLARINET - Louis Garcia, Liam Glynn, Catherine Isaac, Emma Jackson, Morgan Karas, Jessica Naifeh, Katelyn Persson, Katie Sanders, Maggie Scruggs, Brayden Skaggs

BASS CLARINET - Lizzie Haugen, Desire Lucero

ALTO SAX - Keenon Canada, Niang Ciin, Sethan Felkins, Luke Ferguson, Chris Harris, Cooper Knox, Wyatt Rathbone, Emily Taylor

TENOR SAX - Keenon Canada, Niang Ciin, Sethan Felkins, Luke Ferguson, Catelyn Gardner, Cooper Knox, Eli Miller, Rhett Moore, Wyatt Rathbone

BARI SAX - Keenon Canada, Niang Ciin, Elijah Clink, Sethan Felkins, Luke Ferguson, Rhett Moore, Hari Pasupathy, Wyatt Rathbone, Emily Taylor

TRUMPET - Greer Baskin, Daniel Blackwell, Santiago Duarte, Xavier Friel, James Morris, Jack Paschal, Sarabjot Singh, Irlan Wilson, Gavin Zelkind

FRENCH HORN - Abrar Rashid, Keagan Sponsler

TROMBONE - Alex Atiyeh, Braden Bass, Isaac Hunter, Ethan Rademeyer, Joshua Sanders

EUPHONIUM - Braden Bass, Jacob Guten

TUBA - Jayden Pei, Gaian Rich

PERCUSSION - Rylan Goss, Carson Housley, Rayleigh Johnson, Ryann Lee, Gus Shelton, Tessa Summerlin, Jack Whiteley


OMEA Final Round Audition Information

In order to be well rested this audition, students trying out for All-State will not be attending the State Championship game. Instead, this group of students will be traveling to Moore

Each student is to pay $25.00 Hotel Fee. The fee is due on or before Friday, November 17th. Payment can be made by Cash, Check, Credit Card, or students may use trip account funds if available. Cash should be exact amount (Mr. Hillock cannot and will not make change) in an envelope marked with student's name, amount, and what the money is to be used for. Checks should be made out to Jenks Band. Credit card payments and trip account payments are done through the band parent website. Requests to use trip account funds should also be made by Friday, November 17th.

5:00 PM - Load Bus and Box Truck.
5:15 PM
 Depart for Moore
7:15 PM
 - Dinner in Moore - several area fast food restaurants to choose from. Students need about $10.00 for this meal, Check into hotel, Get good rest for Saturday's auditions.
Hotel: Quality Inn, 1809 N Moore Ave, Moore 73160, (405) 912-1400

7:00 AM Wake Up. Continental Breakfast included at Hotel. Dress comfortably. 
8:20 AM
 Depart for Westmoore High School
9:00 AM
 Directors Meeting. 
10:00 AM 
Auditions begin. Auditions will last all day and into the evening. Be ready for times of intense pressure paired with times of boredom. It is okay to bring stuff to do during downtime (cards, monopoly, homework, etc.) but keep in mind the reason that you are there. Students will need money for both lunch and dinner. A concession area is available on site for lunch. We usually try to take students away for dinner that evening. $20.00 should be sufficient for both meals. Final postings have been made around 9:00 PM the last couple of years. That would tentatively get us back home around 11:00 PM.

Click HERE to see results posted online throughout the day on Saturday.


  • Chick-fil-A
  • Jenks Butterfield
  • Palen Music Center
  • Brent Hagar State Farm
  • Curtin Drug
  • Ron Henderson AllState
  • Mark Allen Chevrolet
  • Sawyer Manufacturing
  • New Life Ranch
  • Red Crown Credit Union
  • Hopper Dental
  • Scissortail Building Supply
  • Young Peoples Clinic
  • Carlettis Dentistry
  • Dreaming About
  • Ron Henderson
  • Regent Bank